A Great Engagement

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A Great Engagement is a dilemma for the Vampire Coast.

A major naval battle has ended, leavin' hundreds dead on each side. Death is no barrier to continued service, as you well know - those who fell in battle would make fine new recruits. If we make haste and 'ead off at full sail, the perished could be reanimated before they're lost to the ocean. We must decide if this boon is worth the toll it would take on our crew - should we make haste or ignore the battle?

Choices[edit | edit source]

Full Sail Ahead!

Our forces have suffered a considerable toll during this endeavor , but we have arrived in time to reanimate these recently-deceased seamen

Experienced recruits

  • 10 Turns, all armies
  • -15% Campaign movement range
  • -15% Casualty replenishment rate
  • +1% Vigour loss reduction
  • +5 Recruit rank for all infantry units

Nothing but Death

The seas are clear of enemies; we may travel with far less caution

Clear Oceans

  • 10 Turns, all armies & characters
  • +15% Campaign movement range
  • +30% Campaign line of sight