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A Leviathan Surfaces is a sea corpse treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is also a dilemma that may lead to a battle with a Vampire Coast army.


With a gush of putrid water, the bloated corpse of an ancient sea leviathan surfaces close by. You consider sending your crew to investigate what secrets the cadaver of the sea beast will bestow, but such an expedition is not without risk. When alive, these creatures are known to house parasites the size of wolves and even colonies of needle-toothed aquatic man-things. Even so, there may be valuables to be found within its stinking gut.


Approach the Carcass[]

  • A great hoard of treasure may be received
  • You may have to defeat a foe in battle


  • Only a miserly hoard of treasure will be received.

Leviathan Surfaces[]

This is what you will receive after defeating the Vampire Coast army in battle.

A corpse of such a size does not go unnoticed by the brigands of the sea, and sure enough on your way to the monster's carcass you are accosted by a Vampire Admiral's fleet. After dispatching them in the ensuing sea battle, you looted their galleon before sailing on to the leviathan's remains, where your crew were able to cut open its belly and extract further wealth and treasures.

  • A magical item
  • Treasury: +6000