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Alarielle the Radiant is a High Elves Legendary Lord introduced in Total War: Warhammer II with The Queen and the Crone DLC. She is a powerful spellcaster and army buffer, as expected of the High Priestess of Isha and Everqueen of Ulthuan.

In the campaign, she leads the Avelorn faction.


Alarielle is the Everqueen of Ulthuan, the spiritual leader and mother-figure of her people. She is seen as blessed of Isha, the mother goddess, and looked upon for protection and guidance by the High Elves. She also rules over the High Elf kingdom of Avelorn and holds court there. Since the Golden Age, the Everqueen has served as Isha's chosen priestess in the mortal world. Whilst the tradition of the Phoenix King is relatively new, a mere six and a half thousand years in age, there has always been an Everqueen.

Unlike the Phoenix King (Ulthuan's overall political and military leader, who is elected for life by the princes of Ulthuan), the Everqueen is a hereditary position - each Everqueen is the daughter of the previous Everqueen and a previous Phoenix King. The Everqueen is symbolically wed to the new Phoenix King upon the death of her father, however in reality she is free to pursue her own partners so long as she bears the Phoenix King children.

Alarielle has somewhat broken from tradition by choosing to lead armies into battle, rather than just sit back and offer support. She is the eleventh Everqueen to rule since the time of Aenarion. Her flowing hair is like a golden cloud, and it is said that so great and timeless is her beauty that it can move even the immortal gods to tears. The Everqueen's power is that of nature itself. Where Alarielle walks, the fields start to blossom and flowers spring forth from the ground. As a servant of light and nature, the Everqueen is opposed to corruption in all its forms. More importantly, her presence is anathema to tainted creatures of all kinds.

Talent Tree[]




Alarielle uses a combination of spells from the Lore of Life, Lore of Light and Lore of High Magic.

She also has access to lore attributes:


Alarielle's mounts:

Legendary Items[]

Alarielle's items:

Lord Effects[]

  • Alarielle leaves lingering bonuses on provinces she visits.
  • Alarielle weakens as Chaos grows stronger.
  • Missile damage +15% for Sisters of Avelorn and Handmaidens (lord's army).


Alarielle's character traits:

  • Mortal World's Torment - Alarielle weakens as Chaos grows stronger.

Campaign starting units[]

Eye of the Vortex & Mortal Empires[]

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Immortal Empires[]



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Alarielle is a versatile spellcaster, bringing extreme amounts of healing and augment magic while also having some offensive capabilities. She is also surprisingly durable in melee, as her melee defence is higher than one would expect. She can also be given a Great Eagle mount to provide mobility and the ability to charge an enemy quickly and run before being tied down in melee.

Among her items, the Star of Avelorn is the standout. It provides a large amount of healing outside of the Winds of magic which synergizes well with elite High Elf units as well as Martial Prowess. The healing radius is small but the heal itself is huge, so a cluster of single-entity fighters or elite units like Dragon Princes are the best targets.

The Stave of Avelorn is useful for maintaining her spell casting ability long into a fight, but not necessary.

The Shieldstone of Isha imbues magic damage and immune to psychology in a radius around Alarielle which can be useful when fighting against factions that bring many fear/terror units (Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings) or physical resistance (Wood Elves, Greenskins).

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