Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki
Not to be confused with intercept battles.

Ambush battles are a kind of battle. Ambushes happen when one army launches a surprise attack on another on the campaign map. The defender starts the battle surrounded by the attacker, with no chance to deploy. This is extremely good for the attacker, and allows for otherwise evenly matched armies to fight a very one-sided battle.

If an ambush is successful, the attacker can be reinforced by any armies within range. If the ambush fails, the attacker cannot be reinforced but the attacker can choose to either retreat, or fight 1v1 with no reinforcements on either side.


On the campaign map, an army may lie in wait for its enemies by entering Icon ambush stance.pngAmbush stance or another similar stance, in which it will remain hidden to enemy armies until they wander into the trap. The cursor tooltip over an area on the campaign map shows the chance that an ambush will succeed there.

If an ambush is successfully sprung, an ambush battle will result in which the attacker will be at a great positional advantage. The defending army is surprised on the march, and starts the battle in an unfavourable position on the battlefield, usually marching in a straight line while surrounded on all sides by the enemy.

Ambush battles are enabled by the following stances:


At the beginning of an ambush battle, the army that was ambushed will have an effect applied to them: Discombobulated!