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An Eye For An Eye campaign map. Click to enlarge.

An Eye For An Eye is a mini-campaign in Total War: Warhammer. It is part of the Call of the Beastmen DLC pack.


An Eye For An Eye features its own custom campaign map and factions. The campaign map is centered on the Drakwald, a dark and dangerous forest inside The Empire's borders. You play as Warherd of the One-Eye, a Beastmen faction led by Khazrak the One-Eye. You must hunt down and kill your hated nemesis Boris Todbringer, who leads the Middenheim faction.


Though called Warherd of the One-Eye, it is functionally identical to the regular Beastmen faction. However, you must always have Khazrak as your default Lord. Malagor the Dark Omen can still be recruited, but Morghur the Shadowgave cannot be.

Other Beastmen factions may confederate with you if you complete a quest for them.

Factions in An Eye For An Eye


Province Settlements Climate Beastmen Tribes Trade Goods Starting Owner
Eastern Drakwald
  • Schwarzmarkt (Capital)
  • Isenbuttel
  • Rosche
Humans Cult of Ulric
Eastern Hochland
  • Fort Schippel (Capital)
  • Ahresdorf
  • Koerin
Humans Hochland
Gloomy Woods
  • Gloomy Woods (Capital)
Greenskins Gloomy Woodz Tribe
Howling Hills
  • Delberz: (Capital)
  • Mittelmund
  • Untergard
  • Middenstag
Humans Middenheim
Middle Mountains
  • Bergsburg (Capital)
  • Esk
  • Kurdenwald
Humans Jagged-Horn Tribe Hochland
Mirror Moors
  • Grossfurre (Capital)
  • Fassberg
Humans Ripper-Horn Tribe Cult of Ulric
Northern Drakwald
  • Middenheim (Capital)
  • Schoninghagen
  • Frote
  • Grimminghagen
Humans Middenheim
Northern Wasteland
  • Fort Solace (Capital)
  • Stedum
  • Vasse
Humans Middenheim (Fort Solace)

Marienburg (Stedum & Vasse)

Reikwald Forest
  • Carroburg (Capital)
  • Dunkelbild
  • Senden
Humans Carroburg
  • Bokel (Capital)
  • Kammendum
  • Norderingen
Humans Redhorn Tribe Middenheim
Southern Drakwald
  • Brockel (Capital)
  • Eldagsen
  • Sunderberg
Humans Cult of Ulric
Southern Hochland
  • Langweise (Capital)
  • Barwedel
  • Luthorst
Humans Shadowgor Warherd Hochland
Southern Wasteland
  • Marienburg (Capital)
  • Salfen
  • Niddesdorf
Humans Marienburg
The Black Pit
  • The Black Pit (Capital)
Greenskins The Black Pit Tribe
The Reikland Channel
  • Scheinfeld (Capital)
  • Eslohe
  • Leydenhove
  • Caden
Humans Warherd of the One-Eye Carroburg
The Talabec
  • Ahlenhof (Capital)
  • Leer
  • Schoppendorf
Humans Middenheim
Western Drakwald
  • Gorrsel (Capital)
  • Deinste
  • Winsen
Humans Skrinderkin Warherd Cult of Ulric
Western Hochland
  • Bergendorf (Capital)
  • Heedenhof
  • Flaschfurt
Humans Hochland


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