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General data
CampaignsThe Season of Revelation
Start LocationAnmyr

Anmyr is a minor Wood Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer.


Anmyr, the Witherhold, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lady Tevaril and Lady Delynna. It is a realm in desperate decline. Many years ago, the foul beast Morghur was slain in the heart of the region, and his blood corrupted the land for many leagues around. Indeed, Addaivoch, the mighty elm that once served as the halls of Anmyr's rulers, was reduced to a blighted and atrophied husk during that battle, and its shadow falls now only on barren and lifeless soil. Ever since those days, the Elves of Anmyr have been fighting a losing battle against Morghur's taint. Each year, the Beastmen warherds grow larger, increasing numbers of forest spirits are lost to madness and whole groves of trees wither and perish. In Athel Loren, the loss of even a single tree is a tragedy, so the ongoing legacy of Morghur's blood is cause for sorrow beyond words.[1a]

Witherhold does not stand alone in its battle against corruption. The lords and ladies of other realms know only too well that Morghur's taint will spread all throughout Athel Loren if it is left unchecked. Therefore, Elves of all the forest's domains can be found in the glades of Anmyr, fighting running battles with rampaging Beastmen. Yet the blight upon Winterhold cannot be fought with blade and bow alone. The doom overtaking Anmyr is as much spiritual as physical, for the Beastmen are the Children of Chaos, and their deeds are fuelled by the will of the Dark Gods. Nothing short of divine intervention will see Witherhold's peril finally ended and its former glories restored, but the gods of the Elves are weakened - perhaps too weak to intercede.[1]


The Season of Revelation