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Anvil of Doom
Mount anvil of doom.png
Unit typeWar Machine
Multiplayer costIcon income.png 250
Abilities and attributes
  • Runelord
  • Thorek Ironbrow
  • The Anvil of Doom is a mount for Dwarfs, unique to the Runelord and Thorek Ironbrow


    Covered in the Runelord's ancient script, the anvil has given form to the most powerful runic weapons ever forged.


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    WHI:The Anvil of Doom gives the Runelord 25% physical resistance, which if stacked with the locus of power that provides a total of 40% magic resistance, the Runelord becomes a very tanky combatant to all damage.

    WHII: In Warhammer II, the Anvil of Doom abilities were changed to cause miscast damage when an enemy caster casts a spell. This means the Anvil of Doom should position closer to the center of a fight to make sure enemies take the damage. In addition, Thorek can use the rune of doom to drastically boost the melee attack of all Dwarfs units, which dramatically helps their typically low damage output. Fear can also help scare rout lower leadership units.

    Also of note, the Anvil still provides 15% magic resistance to the character, meaning their magic resistance will be 40% on top of their 25% Physical resistance, making the Anvil of Doom a resistant combatant to all damage types.