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Arcane Conduit
Wh main character abilities arcane conduit.png
Useful in the right context. Balanced costs and recharge.
TypeIcon spell augment of the winds.png Augment of the Winds
Number of usesInfinite
Duration40 seconds
CooldownIcon cooldown 26.png 90 seconds
  • Improved power recharge rate
  • Increase to power reserves

Arcane Conduit is an uncommon passive character ability which increases the Winds of Magic power recharge rate and its power reserves.

In-game description[]

A strong mind is needed to channel the Winds of Magic. Those that have such a gift become arcane conduits - funneling the magical tempests to their cause.


Type Augment of the Winds
Duration 40 seconds
Target Self
  • Improved power recharge rate
  • Increase to power reserves
Cooldown 90 seconds
Uses Infinite

Notable units[]


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  • Usually available to most legendary spellcaster lords in the game but also some hero, lord and elite spellcasting units.
  • It is an active character ability so it requires careful micromanagement to maximize power reserves and its recharge rate!
  • In technical terms, it increases the power reserves by +10.
  • Supports aggressive spellcasting during battles and a magic-based campaign expansion.