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General data
CampaignsThe Season of Revelation
Start LocationArranoc

Arranoc is a minor Wood Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer.


Arranoc, the Summerstrand, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lord Amadri Ironbark. Winter never comes to the verdant reaches of the Summerstrand. Here, the glades are ever dappled by brilliant sunshine all year round. Likewise, night seldom falls in this part of the forest and, even when it does, the hours of darkness are few and fleeting.[1a]  

Thus are the spirits of the Summerstrand eternally vibrant, for the passage of the seasons affects them not. The Elves of this realm are generous, and given to holding lavish feasts at the slightest provocation. They are also, unlike many of Athel Loren's denizens, welcoming to peaceable outsiders, and waste no time including interlopers in the festivities. Many such 'guests' are resistant at first, but the first mouthful of sprigwine swiftly overcomes most resistance.[1a]

So it is that many outsiders have bided for long centuries in the glades of the Summerstrand, eating, drinking, making merry and seldom marking the passage of time. Few notice that their Elven feast-partners change as the hours and days pass, or that their hosts are more measured in the sampling of delights. Even fewer notice when their fellow guests, insensate with indolence, are carried from the feast by silent Dryad attendants. These glutted creatures are left at the entrance to the Vaults of Winter. Those ancient caverns are the work of a civilisation older than the Elves, and are home to beings that feast on reeking and pleasure-sodden souls. Thus do the guests of Arranoc pass from this world, sacrificed to sate creatures that would otherwise prey on the Elves of the Summerstrand.[1a]


The Season of Revelation