Arrow of Kurnous

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Arrow of Kurnous
Wh dlc05 hero abilities arrow of kurnous.png
Useful in the right context. Balanced costs and recharge.
TypeIcon spell magic missile.png Magic Missiles
Number of uses3
CooldownIcon cooldown 26.png 90 seconds
Icon distance to target.png600m
Projectile range600m
  • Causes armour-piercing damage Modifier icon armour piercing.png
  • Effective at long range
  • Good penetration

Arrow of Kurnous is an uncommon active hero ability introduced in Total War Warhammer which causes moderate armour-piercing weapon damage and has a huge projectile range.

It has a moderate cooldown and can be used a few times.

This ability may be inherent, or may be obtained through a character skill tree or an item.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

The God of the Hunt blesses this arrow so that it can travel great distances with unwavering accuracy and terrifying power.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Type Magic Missiles
  • Enemy
  • Casting range: 600m
Projectile range 600m
  • Causes armour-piercing damage
  • Effective at long range
  • Good penetration
Cooldown 90 seconds
Uses 3

Notable units (selection)[edit | edit source]