Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

Astromancy is a special stance available to Lizardmen armies, increasing the army's vision and ambush defence, allowing for Vanguard Deployment in battle.

This acts as a military version of the Raiding stance. Instead of generating income, Astromancy allows the army to intercept enemies while making it more difficult to ambush the army. There is no fatigue when taking this stance, giving the Lizardman army a decisive military advantage at the price of reduced movement. The interception of teleportation style movement makes it much easier for the Lizardmen to catch armies trying to sneak past them.

Like the Tomb Kings special stance, Entombed Beneath the Sands, Astromancy also offers Vanguard Deployment further accentuating the military advantages of this stance.


  • Remaining campaign movement range required to adopt that turn: 25%
  • Campaign movement range: -25%
  • Attribute: Vanguard Deployment for certain units.
  • Chance of intercepting an army using the Underway, beast-paths, or Worldroots: +50%
  • Ambush defence chance: +50%
  • Campaign line of sight (subsequent turn): +150%