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General data
CampaignsThe Season of Revelation
Starting territoryAtylwyth

Atylwyth is a minor Wood Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Atylwyth, the Winterheart, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Sceolan of the Hooked Blade. It is a realm locked in the icy embrace of winter; its boughs are ever covered in a thick rime of frost, its glades always heavy with snow. Pale statues line every path, and mark the entrance to every hall. Some of these works are exquisite ice sculptures, shaped by an artisan’s patient touch. Others are frost-caged mischievous naiads or spiteful kelpies, imprisoned by Elven magics in punishment for past misdeeds or to prevent future ones. These statues flow and reform when the eye does not rest upon them, the creatures inside ever seeking to escape.

Few forest spirits awaken in this land, for the biting chill lulls them and keeps them slumbering. Most sleep willingly through the centuries, waiting for the arrival of a glorious dawn that will never come. As a result, the connection between forest and Elves is weaker here than in any other part of Athel Loren. Those spirits that do rouse to wakefulness seldom talk with the Elves, and instead prefer to influence their allies’ thoughts and deeds through dreams.

Unlike other regions of the forest, Atylwyth’s defence has ever relied upon the bravery and battle-skill of the Elves alone — even the threat of extinction cannot rouse the realm’s forest spirits from their torpidity. Thus do the Atylwythi practice the arts of war with an obsession that is wholly alien in other realms. Nowhere else in Athel Loren can Eternal Guard be found in such numbers as they can in the halls and holds of Lord Sceolan.[1]

Provinces[edit | edit source]

The Season of Revelation

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The regiment of renown, the Winterheart Guard, and Wraiths of the Frozen Heart (Dryads) are likely from this region of the forest.