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Autoresolve is an option in campaign mode. Instead of manually fighting a battle and controlling the units themselves, players may opt to autoresolve. The game AI uses a set of calculations to compare the two armies and automatically decide which one is the winner.


  • Autoresolve causes the game AI to uses calculations to compare the two armies' relative power, and decide a winner for the battle.
  • A rough indication of how an autoresolve might go is given by the power bar, with red and yellow sides (more red = you are less likely to win).
  • During an autoresolve, a player may take casualties on their units, or some units may be destroyed entirely.
  • The autoresolve AI is not perfect. Sometimes an easily winnable battle, may end as a loss if autoresolved.
  • If an undead army loses an autoresolve, the entire army will be destroyed.

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