Awaken the Tribes

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Awaken the Tribes is a feature of the Warriors of Chaos.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

When the Warriors of Chaos wins a battle against certain Norscan settlements, in addition to their normal Settlement Options they may also have the option to awaken a lost Norscan Tribe.

Awakened Tribes will automatically be a Vassal to the Warriors of Chaos. However, it is possible (though unlikely) for them to defect. At times, they may ask the player for Money.

Should any of your awakened tribes be wiped out, you can simply awaken them again by winning another a battle against the proper settlements.

It is unknown if the AI version of the Warriors of Chaos can awaken tribes, but if it can then it's not something that it does very often.

Exclusive Awakened Tribes[edit | edit source]

Other Awakened Tribes[edit | edit source]

Some of the regular minor Norscan Tribes can be awakened if they have been completely wiped out. However, they will get a random ruler instead of their original one (ie. Awakening Varg will not get Surtha Ek back).

Bjornling[edit | edit source]

Bjornling is often thought to be an Awakened Tribe, but as of this writing that does not appear to be the case. It would make sense for it to come from Vanaheim Mountains but currently Skaeling is awakened there. Skaeling also has two possible provinces instead of one like the others, so perhaps a future update could give Bjornling one of them.

Currently, Bjornling only seem to appear during the Chaos Invasion when not playing as the Warriors of Chaos. They will spawn in the Black Gulf between Tilea and The Badlands, and will function as a Horde army that can take settlements, similar to Savage Orc factions. They usually go after the Greenskins and Dwarfs.