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Azrik the Maze Keeper is a powerful Lord of Change, a greater daemon of Tzeentch. He becomes available to Norsca and Wintertooth as a unique lord if they gain allegiance to the Eagle, by razing settlements in that God's name. If you do not gain allegiance to the Eagle, Azrik may instead appear as the leader of the Challenger of the Eagle.

Azrik possesses a different colour scheme than Sarthorael the Everwatcher, and has spells from both the Lore of Death and the Lore of Metal, instead of just the Lore of Metal.

Understand, mortals, each of your petty champion's ploys are just pieces in my Master's Great Game!


A Lord of Change is hideously unpredictable and manipulative. Behind its gaze lies a curious and wreckful mind, deeply intelligent, yet as uncaring of consequence as it is fascinated by it. The Lord of Change is like a child playing upon some gigantic anthill, poking with a stick at its inhabitants and laughing at the hopeless antics of their defence. Nothing pleases him more than to see the world broken and made anew, to redirect the course of a life or even history itself, spilling hope upon the ground while raising the ambition of others up to an unexpected pinnacle of power. As might be expected of a creature born of pure magic and bound to the will of the Master of Sorcery, a Lord of Change is a potent spellcaster. The Winds of Magic obey his every command, allowing him to summon whirling tempests of change and mutation, blast the enemies of Tzeentch with bolts of multi-coloured fire or unravel the mind of an enemy spellcaster from the inside. Sorcery is not the only weapon at the command of a Lord of Change - he is also an erudite tactician, well versed in a thousand ploys and stratagems for any given situation. Accordingly, if a Lord of Change prefers to remain uncommitted in battle it is not through lack of courage or ferocity, but because he likes to direct his forces and better control the flow of the fighting. He instinctively sees the skeins of fate that play over the battlefield, and knows all too well how they can be manipulated.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

  • Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells.
  • Causes Terror: This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time. Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves.
  • Unbreakable: This unit does not suffer any form of Morale character.pngleadership loss and will never rout.



Azrik the Maze Keeper uses a combination of spells from the lore of metal and the lore of death:




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Azrik is automatically max rank, and you cannot ordinarily open his Details or Skills pages to change anything. He will, however, equip items that he receives from winning battles.