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Banshee is a Vampire Counts melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer. Mighty in melee, Banshee also debilitate their enemies with fear-inducing screams and wails. Even the hardiest fall before this terror.


Tomb Banshees constantly howl in remembrance of the forbidden pleasures of the life that was once theirs and in bitterness for the peace of the grave that they cannot attain. Their grief-stricken wails can be lethal to mortals and strike terror into the hearts of all who hear them. Those who do not have a will of iron can die of sheer fright upon hearing the mournful screams of the Tomb Banshees. Blood trickles from their ears and fills up the whites of their eyes as the mind-wrenching shriek takes its supernatural toll. Fully-armoured Knights collapse lifeless from their saddles and whole ranks of infantry fall lifelessly as the Banshee does her evil work.


  • Armour-Piercing: The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.
  • Duellist: This unit is best used to attack individual targets such as Lords or Heroes. As it can only damage very few individuals at a time, it is not suitable against hordes of weak enemies.
  • Ethereal: Ethereal units ignore most damage done by non-magical weapons. As they have shed most of their physical form, they are not slowed by terrain-based movement penalties either.
  • Causes Terror: This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time. Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves.




Click here to add a strategy! Banshees (like all assassins) are designed to help take down monsters, lords and heroes. They're rarely strong enough to do it alone but they work wonders in pairs. Their solid speed, great AP damage and ethereal gives them a strong advantage over other heroes. Their glaring weakness to magic requires a careful playstyle, as spirit leech is their worst nightmare and magical attacks will tear them apart. Banshees are extremely useful on the campaign map for assassinating, damaging walls, and blocking armies.