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"The heirs of Gilles le Breton will always uphold the honour of Bretonnia, no matter how far others may fall."

Sir Darrepin the Furious, Knight Errant of Bastonne[1]

Bastonne is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Bohemond and can be found in the eastern parts of Bretonnia.


Prior to the Lady appearing before the Uniter and his fellow Grail Knights, the young Gilles rode out to cleanse his homeland Bastonne of the foul beasts wreaking havoc there. After slaying one such beast – the ancient Dragon Smearghus – he not only adopted its image on his Heraldry, but also wore its skin as part of his armour during all his Great Battles. To this day, the beast’s image and its pelt are revered in Bastonne, with the armour still kept and worn by the Duke ceremoniously as well as in warfare.[2]


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Diplomatic traits:

  • Reliable
  • Underdog

Starting territory[]

The Old World / Mortal Empires
Season of Revelation


  • It is the combination of two dukedoms from the tabletop, Bastonne and Montfort.
  • Bastonne and Montfort appear separately in the Season of Revelation campaign.