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Battle of Hel Fenn
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CampaignThe Old World, Mortal Empires
Legendary LordManfred von Carstein
FactionVampire Counts
OpponentThe Empire (Hans)
Battle typeClassic

Battle of Hel Fenn is a set piece battle in Total War: Warhammer.


Hel Fenn, a place Mannfred is not fond of for historical reasons. But these mortals pose no such threat! They are few in number and while they have a strong position between two rocks, they can be flanked easily enough. It will not take long for these fools to join our Unliving ranks!

Intro Dialogue:

Mannfred von Carstein: "Arise, Grave-bound! I command thee to attend!

Franz - the son of whores and tumorous Burghermeisters - thinks the crown is his! But the house of the Reikland Electors is tainted. As the last great count of Stirland, I should be Emperor - I *will* be Emperor!

Bring thy swords...Go, mine minions, reap death - dance a Danse Macabre!"


What fools! To come into our lands. Let us show them that the night is full of darkness and shadows!


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