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Belegar Ironhammer is a Dwarfs Legendary Lord introduced in Total War: Warhammer with the King and the Warlord DLC. A burning desire for vengeance and justice drives Belegar Ironhammer - he will reclaim his throne, no matter the cost.

In the campaign, he leads the Clan Angrund faction.


It is a bitter legacy of hatred and resentment that Belegar Ironhammer has inherited. For he is leader of the Angrund Clan and direct descendant of King Lunn, the last Dwarf to rule Karak Eight Peaks before its fall. While the grand mansion of their people - a Hold second only to Karaz-a-Karak in terms of wealth and prestige - was being despoiled, the scions of the former King laboured elsewhere, shorn of home and honour. Many of the ruling heirs of Angrund have attempted to reclaim their former glory, to avenge the grudges bequeathed to them.

Despite the weight of years and the hopelessness of the cause, when Belegar came of age he made bold oaths and set out to recover his full inheritance. Belegar has since established himself as a master of subterranean warfare. On his orders enemy probes are smashed, ambushes overcome and infiltration paths blockaded. Yet Belegar is not content to sit behind his fortifications, and many times he has led assaults into the underhalls of his forefathers. There, from the shattered remains of his Ancestors' tombs, Belegar claimed the rune-struck chunk of rock that now serves as his Oath Stone.

It is said amongst Dwarfs that his warrior skills are second only to those of the Slayer King, and that at will Belegar can summon the vengeful powers of his Ancestors. Yet for all his victories, he remains embittered, vowing to one day reclaim all of Karak Eight Peaks for his own.

Introduction description[]

Belegar Ironhammer is a King in exile. Thrice before he has attempted to retake Karak Eight Peaks but had been thwarted, his last expeditions failing due to the machinations of a particularly-cunning Night Goblin Warlord. But now, after decades of preparation, he is ready to try once more. A call to Clan is sent and the throngs of Clan Angrund gather at the loyal hold of Karak Izor, ready for battle.

Campaign starting units[]

The Old World & Mortal Empires[]

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Immortal Empires[]


Lord Effects[]

  • Military spending.png Upkeep: +50% until Karak Eight Peaks is recaptured
  • Morale.png Leadership: +10 when laying siege
  • +10 leadership VS Skaven and Greenskins
  • Agent.png Starts with four Clan Angrund ancestor Heroes
  • Construction.png Unique building chain available at Karak Eight Peaks


  • Armoured & Shielded: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Modifier icon armour piercing.pngArmour-Piercing damage. Modifier icon shield.pngShields have a chance of blocking arrows, bolts, rifle shots and similar small arms fire - but only in a forward facing arc.
  • Charge Defence Against All: When standing and bracing against a charge this unit will negate the enemy's Icon stat charge bonus.pngcharge bonus.
  • Melee Expert: Melee Experts might have a very strong melee attack or melee defence, or high values in both. Some also have melee-focused skills like Charge Defence. Use them to counter other strong melee units. When facing them, it is best to take them out before they can enter melee.


Unique items[]

Chapter Objectives[]

Chapter 1[]

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective The Reckoning Begins The Angrund Clan is beset by tribulation. Far from their rightful home, and with little of their former power intact, its Dawi nevertheless cling to hope. Angrund strength endures in King Belegar; aided by the spirits of his restless, vengeful Ancestors, and supported by allied Clans, he will see the Dwarfs' glory restored!
Bonus objective I Balance the Books Any Dwarfhold worth its foundations must be able to fill its vaults with gold. Debt is for the beardless!
Bonus objective II A Grim Sort The throngs need leading - go forth into the deeps and find a Thane of Royal blood. Find a grim sort to lead the Clansdwarfs to war!
Bonus objective III The Restoration During the Golden Age, many wonders of the Old World were Dwarf-built and hidden under the mountains. Let the Dwarfs bring about such an age again.
Bonus objective IV The Ledger is Full The Dwarfs do not forgive or forget very easily, but it is time to strike some grudges from the Dammaz Kron, if only to make room for more.
Bonus objective V Grumbling in the Engineers' Guild Some of the younger generation of Dwarf Engineers are beginning to research and 'innovate'. This doesn't sit well with the traditionalists in the Engineers' Guild, but the High King needs such inquisitive minds in the wars ahead.

Chapter 2

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective For the Ancestors With the Time of Woes a distant memory, the Dwarfs should look to the future and the restoration of the Karaz Ankor. The more territory around and even beyond their traditional mountain homes the Dwarfs can claim, the more the Ancestors will be pleased.
Bonus objective I Uproar in the Engineers' Guild With the High King's tacit permission, the innovators faction within the Engineers' Guild are starting to actually invent things! The traditionalists are in uproar, but the Age of Reckoning will be won in part with new methods, not stagnation!
Bonus objective II Light the Sacred Forges A sad indictment of the Karaz Ankor is that many a Dwarfhold's Sacred Forge remains unlit, the holy fires burning low or extinguished altogether. It is time they grew bright once more, with a Runesmith hammering at the hearth.
Bonus objective III Dwarfhold to Greathold There is no definitive rule that marks out the Greatholds from the Dwarfholds. It could be argued that it's the Clansfolk that inhabit the Holds, or the great monuments and halls. Whatever the definition, more Greatholds can only make the Karaz Ankor grow in power.
Bonus objective IV Grudgebreaker Each grudge against the Dwarfs is a link in a chain that weighs the whole of the Karaz Ankor low. Thorgrim and his kin must break those chains, and set Dwarfen-folk free!
Bonus objective V Storied Warrior Dwarfs put great stock in the telling of tales, be they sung or recounted in verse. Our Lords need to become like warriors of myth by forging their own legends. For in doing so the Dwarf folk will follow them into the End Times and beyond!

Chapter 3

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective One Dwarfhold at a Time The Dwarf expeditionary forces are a brave and vital element of the Dwarf military - they can roam far and secure Holds in the name of their race's glory. Grudges will be wiped from the Dammaz Kron, and the Dwarfs will once again know their rightful glory!
Bonus objective I Out with Tradition Even the traditionalists of the Engineers' Guild have been won over by this new outlook of improving and iterating on the concepts of the older generations. Continue the engineering renaissance!
Bonus objective II A Mighty Throng Nothing fills Dwarfish hearts than seeing brave, bearded warriors with axes in hand, march out to war. A mighty throng is an army that any foe will dread to face!
Bonus objective III For Everpeak Karaz-a-Karak is the greatest Hold and capital of the Karaz Ankor and seat of the High King since the time before time. Could another Dwarfhold one day rival Everpeak itself? Doubtful.
Bonus objective IV Grudgetamer So long as the Dammaz Kron remains filled with the wrongs done to them, the Dwarfs can never put down their axes. No Dwarf can rest as long as there are grudges outstanding!
Bonus objective V Every Dwarf Matters To Valaya's sorrow, the Dwarf race is in decline; the older folk outnumber the younger beardlings by some margin. Each Dwarf death is a blow to the entire Dwarfen people; Belegar must ensure he wins battles but convincingly - slaying his foes and keeping his kin alive!

Chapter 4

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Ironhammer's Oath The Angrund Clan will know greatness again; Belegar has declared it and his is a fierce and renowned determination. A Dwarf's oath is his honour, and his words his bond. The regions outside of Dawi control must be reclaimed, and made part of their dominion as soon as possible.
Bonus objective I The Throngs of Old In the Golden Age, Dwarf throngs comprising thousands of beards would regularly march between Holds, scattering Beastmen and Greenskins alike. While such a sight is much rarer these days, it is surely one to make even the most obstinate Rik proud.
Bonus objective II The Tithes That Bind The Dwarfs know a righteous cause when they see one, and Belegar's quest to reclaim the Eight Peaks is one they all wish to see succeed. The High King has opened his coffers to the Ironhammer, and so too do all Dwarfs, that his throne might be reclaimed for the Karaz Ankor!
Bonus objective III A House of Clan Lords The Royal Dwarf Clans, including Clan Angrund, are full of gifted Thanes and Riks, ready to take control of the many Dwarf throngs for war. Such Lords must be empowered so they are ready to lead, even as the urks approach their doors.
Bonus objective IV Forge of Heroes The Age of Reckoning is upon the Dwarfs, and many heroes will be forged, their sagas to be sung in drinking halls for the rest of time. Such heroes should be found and raised to greatness, for they can only aid the cause.
Bonus objective V Eureka! Despite claims from the Empire and the stubbornness of the traditionalists, Dwarfs are the most technically-able race. A High King who does not furnish its greatest minds and inventors to leverage such gifts is as ignorant as nobles from other races.

Chapter 5

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective A Second Golden Age Not since Valaya and Grungni strode the mountains have the Dawi been in such a positon. A few more realms taken will see the Karaz Ankor restored to its rightful stature - an empire ruled by those who have committed their all to see it restored, enduring as the mountains themselves. One last push, brave Dawi, one final push...
Bonus objective I A Throng of Legend Not since the War of the Beard, since when the Ancestor gods walked among the mountain folk, has an army as grand marched forth. The Age of Reckoning is now, the Dammaz Kron wiped clean!
Bonus objective II King of the Eight Peaks As final victory, for good or ill, draws near, Belegar Ironhammer's influence should be as unyielding as Dwarfen steel. Control of powerful Institutions and Guilds, as well as his own Clan, will give the Ironhammer an edge that will keep all grumblers in line.
Bonus objective III The War of Vengeance The final battle is upon the Dwarfs - the great war of vengeance that will see all other races bow before their might. Yet Belegar Ironhammer cannot do all things alone - he must ensure his closest allies, and those Dwarfs who have supported him thus far, are at their most powerful.
Bonus objective IV Time of Heroes It is a time of heroes - an age not seen since Grimnir led great Dwarf warriors into battle. It is time for Belegar Ironhammer to do the same, to bring about such an era, or make his kin believe it so. A great Dwarf Lord should empower such heroes - raise them to greatness!
Bonus objective V An Age of Invention The Age of Reckoning is now. From his reclaimed throne, Belegar Ironhammer needs every ounce of his strength to aid the restoration of the Karaz Ankor. This includes technologies both ancient and new - sweep the traditions of stagnation away, bring innovation to its zenith!


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Due to his 50% increase in upkeep without Karak Eight Peaks, Belegar is largely unable to support more than 1 army in the early/mid game. This makes skills like Lightning Strike invaluable, as otherwise it is easy to be outnumbered by opposing factions. There is also the upkeep reduction and casualty replenishment rate increases in the blue line that are valuable to him. He has another special ability that gives the entire army weapon strength and melee attack when fighting Greenskins, which makes your army much more deadly against the hordes of orks. Another notable ability is a vigour loss reduction for the army which can be useful on longer battles at keeping your troops in the best fighting shape.

Aside from his skills, Belegar is a tank, he has very high melee defence, high armor, charge defence, and the abilities to weather most attacks. Use him to go after enemy Lords, but do not be afraid to leave him stuck in the front line against the most dangerous enemy units.