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Bjornling is a minor Norscan Tribes faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Snagr the Tearer and usually spawns in the Black Gulf, the sea west of the Badlands.

Bjornling starts in control of western Norsca, rather than the Vanaheimlings, who only control parts of Albion.

Until The Rakarth Update they used to appear only during a Chaos Invasion, where they were unique among Norscan factions as they were a Horde army. However, despite functioning as a Horde army, they could still take over settlements, similar to Rogue Armies or Savage Orcs factions. Bjornling appeared in the sea west of the Badlands and attacked the Greenskins and Dwarfs to involve them in the Chaos Invasion sooner.

Spawn Point[]

The Old World
  • The Black Gulf
Mortal Empires


  • Despite popular belief, at this time it does not appear that they are a faction that can be awakened when playing as the Warriors of Chaos.
  • With The Rakarth Update the faction was added in the Norsca region, replacing the Vanaheimlings in the Vanaheim mountains, with the latter faction still being active in Albion.