Black Orc Forge

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Black Orc Forge
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CategoryGreenskins resource building
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Build time:
Bonus effectsRecruitment cost for Big 'Uns and Black Orc recruits: -20%
Unit experience level increase for Bigun Black Orcs: +3

Black Orc Forge is a Greenskins resource building in Total War: Warhammer. Da Black Orcs don't mix with da other gits and prefer ta 'ave dere own fire ta throw stuff into.

Background[edit | edit source]

Black Orcs are very particular when it comes to their weapons. They are normally armed to da teef but their choppas are the best, plundered from stunties or 'umies. They don't like the crud other Orcs and especially Goblins insist on using in a fight, preferring to use their own forge where they bash stolen metal into the biggest choppas possible!

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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