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Art depiction of a Blood Dragon Vampire Lord

Icon bloodlines.pngBloodlines is a new campaign feature added for the Vampire Counts in Total War: Warhammer II, introduced as part of the Aye-Aye! Patch. You utilize the new Icon blood kiss.pngBlood Kiss currency to unlock new Bloodline Lords and powerful faction effects. However, you can only have three lords from each bloodline, and the price increases for each successive one. It costs 3 Blood Kisses for the first of a bloodline, 6 for the second of that bloodline, and "12" for the final one of that bloodline. It will cost a total of 105 Blood Kisses to obtain three of each of the five bloodlines.

After awakening a Bloodline Lord, they are added to your normal Lord recruitment pool and can be recruited at any settlement. Bloodline Lords each have their own skill tree and always have the Immortal trait so you can't permanently lose any of them.

The available Bloodline Lords are: Lahmian Vampire Lord, Von Carstein Vampire Lord, Blood Dragon Vampire Lord, Necrarch Vampire Lord, and Strigoi Vampire Lord.

Each Bloodline Lord you awaken also provides a permanent faction wide buff, known as a Forbidden Dark Art.

Lahmian Forbidden Dark Arts

  • First Lord: -50% Upkeep for all Heroes
  • Second Lord: Medium Vigour loss reduction
  • Third Lord: +150% Campaign Line of Sight

Von Carstein Forbidden Dark Arts

Blood Dragon Forbidden Dark Arts

  • First Lord: +10% Weapon Strength for Cavalry Units
  • Second Lord: +100 Unit Experience for all units
  • Third Lord: Immune to Untainted Attrition

Necrarch Forbidden Dark Arts

  • First Lord: +25% Research Rate
  • Second Lord: +20 Starting Winds of Magic
  • Third Lord: -10% Upkeep for all units

Strigoi Forbidden Dark Arts

  • First Lord: +20% Ambush Success Chance
  • Second Lord: +5 Vampiric Corruption
  • Third Lord: -60% Public Order penalty due to presence or lack of corruption