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"Wyvern's is good fer one thing, eatin' smashin' smellin' and flyin.' They're also good fer lettin' the other boyz know who's boss!"

- Azhag the Slaughterer

Bonerattlaz is a playable sub-faction of the Greenskins introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Azhag the Slaughterer and can be found north of Karak Kadrin in the northern World's Edge Mountains.

These unruly warriors dwell in the Badlands, mountains and other wild areas and love nothing more than a good fight. From time to time, they will come together in a great “Waaagh!” - an invasion of civilised lands. Armies of Greenskins feature masses of poorly-disciplined infantry, alongside boar-riding cavalry and monsters like trolls and giant spiders.

How they play[]

  • Units: Masses of cheap infantry, combined with cavalry, and large monsters.
  • Regiments of Renown: These are unique, more elite versions of regular Greenskins units, available in a DLC.
  • Vandalism: Greenskins leave behind harmful buildings for the enemy, after sacking or razing a settlement.
  • Unique stances: Use Underway allows Greenskins to traverse impassable terrain, while Raidin' Camp combines raiding and encamp.
  • Savage Orcs: In campaign, Savage Orcs units can only be recruited with the special Savage Orcs resource.
  • Waaagh! In battle, they have the Waaagh! ability, while in campaign they can issue a Call to WAAAGH!


Azhag the Slaughterer is one of the most infamous Orcish Warlords in recent history. He has brought a trail of ruin and destruction to the northern lands of the Old World, laying waste to cities, fortresses and mountain strongholds wherever he goes. Atop his head lies the key to his power and uncommon intelligence in tactics and warfare - an ominous iron crown which emanates an ancient evil long thought forgotten from history. It is from this crown, a relic of olden days, which granted Azhag sorcerous powers and gave him the vision he needed to command a Waaagh! of epic proportions.

In time, rivals were beaten and whole tribes were soon conquered as Azhag's notoriety grew within each passing conquest. The ominous crown, known in ancient times as the Crown of Sorcery, would constantly whisper into the primitive mind of the Orc Warlord, telling him of a grand conquest that lies to the south, of a great plan that needed to be fulfilled. Victory once more followed victory, and after much notoriety, the deeds of Azhag had travelled far and wide, luring Greenskin tribes by the dozens into joining him on his Waaagh!

Azhag is unlike any Orcish Warlord that had lived and died before him. With the crown controlling his mind, Azhag began to use un-Orcish words and often tried to explain orders to his subordinates instead of simply cracking skulls and bellowing orders. However, a Greenskin's personal will is far too strong to simply erase, and at times the Crown and Azhag's willpower often struggle for control. Such events have left the Warlord in a trance-like state or making him move slowly, as if sleepwalking. Even on several occasions, his subordinates have seen the Warlord argue with himself constantly or towards an invisible advisory. Yet none could hope to outright defy the Warlord, for even in his state, he was still immensely powerful beyond reckoning. Once battle has been joined, Azhag is a comet of destruction, descending from the sky to wreak havoc amongst the enemy army, his eyes and his crown ablaze with sorcerous light. The Greenskins under his command know he's not quite right in the head any more, but still, his victories have given them a fight and the spoils of war, that is incentive enough for his troops to follow him to the ends of the earth.[1]

In Battle[]

Bonerattlaz plays largely like the other Greenskin factions.

In Campaign[]

Faction Effects[]

  • Suitable climate: Temparate
  • Diplomatic relations +40 with Vampire Counts and Arkhan the Black
  • Waaagh! has a chance to contain Wyverns (all armies)
  • Research rate: +20%
  • Income from sacking settlements: +25%

Lord Effects[]

Starting Position[]


When not used by the player, Bonerattlaz has the following diplomatic traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Vampiric Influence
  • Underdog


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