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Bowmen of Oreon is a minor Wood Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Ilfrun and can be found in the heart of the Southlands.


The Story of Oreon

All of the remnant Wood Elves of the Old World are noted for their amazing skills with the bow. From amongst his father's people, Prince Oreon chose the best archers and woodsmen and assembled this famous Elven band. With his Company, Oreon left the Old World and took ship to the Elf Kingdoms, where he joined the crusading army of the Sea-Elf Lord Staleor. He fought with distinction in Staleor's Southlands campaign, losing an eye in hand-to-hand combat with the evil wizard Dornbast.

Oreon's company wears the traditional hunting green of the Wood Elves, with full capes and hoods. In addition to his bow, each warrior carries a shield, sword, long knife and two quivers. Regimental Champion llfrun also has a huge doublehanded sword, a weapon wrested from a fearsome Giant during the Southlands campaign. The company proved more than willing to get stuck in, and after their return to the Old World formed the basis of the Greenwood's defence.

Oreon himself grew sullen over the years and took to brooding over the loss of his eye and vitality, a result of a wound inflicted by Dornbast. One day he simply vanished. Popular legend has it that he went in search of his lost eye. The tale is told in some length in the 'Lay of Oreon's Folly', a well known drinking song.[1]

Ilfrun, the leader of the Bowmen of Oreon, is humbled by the defeat you have dealt him. Convening with you in the wake of your skirmish, he tells you his band lost their way after their leader, Oreon himself, lost his eye in battle, along with his vitality and sanity. His ensuing madness led him to desert his warriors and subsequently he had not been seen or heard from in many years.[2]

Starting Territory[]

Eye of the Vortex Campaign:

Mortal Empires Campaign:

Diplomatic Traits[]

  • Hates Beastmen - Beastmen, the hideous, deformed Children of Chaos, have long been a blight on Athel Loren. Nothing can or will change that view.
  • Isolationist - So long are their lives, so perfect their isolation, that the affairs of outsiders seem trivial in the extreme.


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  • An isolated band of Elves surrounded by Skaven, Greenskins, Lizardmen, and Tomb Kings. When playing as any of those factions in the Southlands, it is best to ignore them as these Wood Elves are isolationists and will not leave their lone settlement. If they pose a problem, it is best to raze their settlement as it will likely be an uninhabitable Climate. The resources required to stabilize its public order and build it into a defendable settlement is generally not worth it, especially if is near your front line or nearby foes.
  • Notably, as the Knights of Caledor in Vortex, you start very close to them. They actually may be worthwhile allies as you will have very few friends nearby.
  • When playing as Wood Elves, this faction can be confederated via a mission that requires you to beat one of their armies in battle after upgrading the Oak of Ages. If you play as Heralds of Ariel, you can confederate with the Bowmen of Oreon by healing its forest.



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