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Bray-Shaman (Death) is a Beastmen caster hero unit in the Call of the Beastmen DLC. Death whispers to the Bray-Shaman, who speaks the words to his enemies with hideous, incorporeal power. He uses magic from the Lore of Death.


The Bray-Shamans of the Beastmen are vile to behold, their filthy bodies covered in matted fur into which all manner of crude fetishes and grim charms are woven. Their twisted features are often covered in a ragged hood, and they bear heavy braystafs as both brutal weapons and symbols of their position within the warherd. Bray-Shamans occupy a unique niche in the brutal and bitter world of the Beastmen; they have no need to defend themselves from other members of their tribe, for none would dare assault them. Not even the mightiest Beastlord would harm a Bray-Shaman, for they speak the will of the Dark Gods, and those that defy the Gods pay the highest price of all.


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