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The Bretonnia update was an update patch to Total War: Warhammer released on 28 February 2017. This patch added Bretonnia as a new free playable race to the game, as well as Isabella von Carstein and the Von Carstein faction of Vampire Counts. Included with the Bretonnia launch is a host of updates, tweaks, fixes and improvements for Total War: WARHAMMER and the Assembly Kit Beta. Total War Forums

For a full list of ability changes see Bretonnia update/ability changes.


  • The chivalrous knights of Bretonnia have a renewed purpose, with new Lords, units and desire to defend their borders and punish their foes. All players will experience a change in the campaign map, with Bretonnia in opposition. Bretonnia is also available for free as a Free-LC download, visit this page to download them:
  • The powerful vampire lord Isabella von Carstein has now entered the fray, joining forces with her beloved Vlad von Carstein in the new Von Carstein faction of Vampire Counts. Players will find them formidable in opposition, and you can download Isabella to play as for Free from this page:
  • We are deploying our multiplayer drop-hack exploit fix in two stages. This update begins stage 1: we now determine when it happens and analyse the resulting data. Players will receive a message whenever they leave a battle through an unconventional exit. Stage 2 will follow in a future update.
  • In line with their lore, the Wood Elves are now more isolationist in character, with periodic bursts of aggression.
  • Campaign AI recruitment logic improved.
  • Further autoresolver improvements.
  • Added loads of Quest Battle maps to the Quick Battle map pool.
  • The Assembly kit has been updated with ‘Terry’ a powerful tool used to create custom maps for multiplayer and campaign. We’ve also published a map maker’s best-practice guide for you to make the most of it! Read it here.

Patch Notes[]


Created ‘Best Practice’ guide for map-making with the TERRY tool, to help modders eliminate terrain quirks and design more polished and functional maps. You can view the guide on our Wiki here.

Assembly Kit BETA will now also work on Windows 7.

Battle Camera Mode has been added to the TERRY tool in the Assembly Kit, and enabled by default. This camera mode behaves in the same way as the in-game camera.

Grass is now being generated properly for tiles in the TERRY tool.

Camera bounds tool has been removed.


Total War: WARHAMMER will now exit more cleanly. There were previously rare cases where the process would still be running in the background after quitting the game.

Fixed a bug causing the game to crash with very large numbers of men in a unit.

Fixed a memory leak when minimising the game with ALT + TAB in the DX12 BETA.

Fixed a campaign crash caused by the sound manager.

Fixed a crash that occurred when the UI Scaling setting was set above 100% on 4K Monitors.

Redesigned front-end UI to clean up Faction Select screen and clarify the distinction between DLC and Free-LC.


Improvements to Campaign AI recruitment logic.

Rebalanced AI recruitment costs.

Improved the HP/unit consistency in the auto-resolver.

Rule Change: In Campaign, If a faction loses a battle and the only surviving unit is their last general, the general is killed.

Characters who run out of Action Points / movement will grey out more consistently on the Campaign map.

Fixed a small memory leak in the Campaign UI.

Greenskins Rebel armies now use less skirmishers.

Reduced number of Flagellants recruited by the AI.

Fixed a blocker in Wurrzag's Squiggly Beast Quest Chain (where Stage 3.1 would not fire).

Reduced the accuracy of the Campaign AI assessment of player movement extents to improve game balance on lower difficulty settings.

Dwarfs can now make grudges against Wood Elves in Campaign.

Improved the use of "He" and "She" gender pronouns throughout the campaign text in English.

There will now be a "Legendary Lord Available" event popup in multiplayer campaign.

Added effects to Wurrzag's Fury of Da Prophet skill.

Recruit Regiments of Renown Button is no longer selectable in the Grand Campaign when there are no RoR Units available for recruitment.

Hidden HP for enemies will no longer be visible when targeting their army with a hero, then viewing the assault unit panel.

The effects of the Mystifying Miasma spell overcast is now clearer.

When a hero embedded within an army levels up during the End Turn cycle, the army's lord no longer triggers a selection VO event


Improved performance on the Beast Path Battle maps.

Siege towers/Gates are now working correctly in a Marienberg siege battle.

The Battle AI can no longer use the Awakening of the Wood spell to target flying units.

Using the Raise Dead spell during the deployment phase as a defender can no longer raise the zombies far away near the attackers.

Necromancer no longer loses his Crumbling and Disintegrating abilities when the Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone) is added.

Lord of Undeath ability can no longer be used on settlement walls.

Fixed instances where the camera could move inside the terrain and objects in the Lost Vault of King Lunn land map.

Fixed camera clipping issues on the Council of Beasts battle map.

Glade Lords are no longer counted as heroes in Quick Battle mode.

Sisters of the Thorn rider animations have been improved.

The Hammer of Sigmar VFX no longer flicker off during animations, when he is on a mount.

Improved Khazrak’s attack animations in battle when mounted on his Beast Chariot.

The Gorebull's Axe will no longer be misaligned to his hand when swapping between some animations in battle.


Changed Wood Elves campaign behaviour to be isolationist with occasional bursts of aggression, better reflecting the lore.

Added 2 more defensive siege battle maps for the Wood Elves faction, also available in Custom Battle Mode.

Fixed a very rare crash in the End Turn Cycle in the Season of Revelations campaign in Realm of the Wood Elves.

Re-balanced the ‘Sword of Death 2’ Quest Battle in Realm of the Wood Elves DLC.

Improved the supporting AI battle tactics in the ‘Silver Spire’ Quest Battle in Realm of the Wood Elves.

Orion, The King In The Woods, has issued a proclamation throughout Athel loren denying his resemblance to Mel Gibson.

Selecting the Provincial bonus on the Chapter 4 bonus objective, ‘Foresting Growth’, now moves the camera to assist the player to find the desired province’s location.

The ‘To Steed or Not to Steed…’ mission will now give the objectives on the Mission Failed message to show why it failed.

The Red Duke's El Syf ability will no longer work on Treemen (only Lords and Heroes).

Fixed Orion's ‘Cloak of Isha stage 2’ Quest Battle chain in Realm of the Wood Elves.

Morghur will no longer request peace with Wood Elves in the Season of Revelations campaign.


Added a Skills Tree icon for the Gorebull’s Foe-Seeker ability. Reduced Morghur’s resilience in combat by decreasing his magic resistance to 20%.


Post-battle stats are now available for second/ally enemies on the post-battle loading screens.

More replay desynchronizations have been fixed.

The Red Duke can no longer gain titles after his name.

Vala-Azril-Ungol Achievement will now unlock as expected.

Unbinding ability on summoned units now has a unique icon, in the unit details panel during battles.


Swarm of Flies ability added to Vampire characters when mounted on Zombie Dragons.

Arachnarok Queen spiderling summons are now less powerful.

Reduced the cost-effectiveness of the Raise Dead summon spell.

The Life Bloom spell has been reduced from 10 HP/second for 10 seconds to 4 HP when it triggers



Trolls + 10 Armour + 37 HP (Per entity

Savage Orcs + 10% Physical Resistance + 3 Charge Bonus + 2 Melee Defence

Savage Orc Big ‘Uns + 10% Physical Resistance + 3 Charge Bonus + 2 Melee Defence

Savage Orc Boar Boyz + 10% Physical Resistance + 4 Charge Bonus + 2 Melee Defence

Savage Orc Boar Boy Big Uns + 10% Physical Resistance + 4 Charge Bonus + 2 Melee Defence

Savage Orc Arrer Boyz + 10% Physical Resistance

Forest Goblin Spider Riders Archers/Deff Kreepers + 1 AP Missile Damage - 1 Missile Damage - 50 Cost

Goblin Wolf Chariots/Teef Robbers + 1 projectiles per shot


Karl Franz (Deathclaw) + 125 Multiplayer Cost

Karl Franz (All Variants) + 99 Multiplayer Cost

Amber Wizard (Warhorse) + 18 Charge Bonus

Amber Wizard (Barded Warhorse) + 18 Charge Bonus

Amber Wizard (Griffon) - 30 Charge Bonus

Knights of the Blazing Sun + 100 Cost

Reiksguard/Zintler’s Reiksguard - 100 Cost


Organ Gun + 10 AP Missile Damage + 5 Missile Damage

Flame Cannon - 150 detonation force

Gyrobomber + 1 projectile spread - 3 seconds reload time

Irondrakes + 342 HP

Gob-Lobber + 100 Cost


Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Axes) - 50 Cost

Chosen (Halberds) + 5 Weapon Damage + 1 AP Weapon Damage

Archaon the Everchosen (Dorgar) + 86HP

Archaon the Everchosen + 20 Armour

Chaos Trolls + 37 HP Per entity

Chaos Trolls (Armoured) + 10 Armour + 37 HP Per entity


Beastlord (Chariot) - 400 Cost + 15 Charge Bonus + 1 collision Attacks Max Targets - 0.2 Seconds Melee Attack Interval + 246 HP

Beastlord Increased Entity Size - 250 Cost - 30 Armour + 15 Charge Bonus + 10 Weapon Damage + 10 Armour Piercing Weapon Damage

Khazrak Added Vanguard Deployment + 10 Charge Bonus - 150 Cost - 20 Armour - 0.2 Seconds Melee Attack Interval

Khazrak (Chariot) - 200 Cost + 15 Charge Bonus + 1 collision Attacks Max Targets

Bray Shaman + 35 Weapon Strength + 35 Armour-Piercing Weapon Strength - 100 Multiplayer Cost

Bray-Shaman (Razorgor Chariot) - 50 Multiplayer Cost

Malagor the Dark Omen + 40 Weapon Strength + 35 Armour-Piercing Weapon Strength + 10 Charge Bonus

Bestigor Increased Entity Size + 6 Speed + 4 Charge Speed + 2 Weapon Damage + 2 Charge Bonus

Gor Herd (Dual Weapons) + 1 AP Weapon Damage + 5 Weapon Damage + 4 Charge Bonus

Cygor + 750 HP

Ungor Spearmen Herd (Shields) + 5 Leadership - 3 Charge Bonus

Ungor (All units) + 30 Mass

Ungor Herd + 2 Weapon Damage

Centigors (All) Add hide in woods


Hexwraiths + 10 Charge Bonus

Helman Ghorst (All Variants) - 200 Multiplayer Cost

Helman Ghorst (Corpse Cart) + 150 Multiplayer Cost

Sternsmen + 100 cost

Mannfred von Carstein (Zombie Dragon) + 75 cost

Vlad von Carstein + 200 cost (multiplayer) + 500 cost (campaign)

Vampire Lord (Zombie Dragon) + 75 cost

Red Duke (Zombie Dragon) + 75 cost

Mortis Engine/Claw of Nagash - 788 HP

Terrorgheist + 5 Leadership + 1 max splash attacks

Varghulf + 5 Leadership

Black Coach + 20 Weapon Strength + 20 Armour-Piercing Weapon Strength


Eternal Guard + 25 Cost

Eternal Guard (Shields) + 50 Cost

Wildwood Rangers - 5 AP Weapon Damage

Glade Guard (All) - 10m Range

Deepwood Scouts/Deepwood Scouts w/ Swift Shiver Shards + 15 Entities + 2 Ammo + 10m Range - 2 AP Missile Damage - 2 Missile Damage

Waywatchers + 2 Ammo Increased Marksmanship + 8 Speed


Armour effect values for spells and abilities changed from 15/30 to 30/60. Also increased duration for these abilities.

Refreshed ability costs, durations and recharge times.

Spell power costs tweaked to better match strength.

45m radius reduced to 40m radius, 60m radius reduced to 55m radius.

Slightly increased likelihood of magic missiles hitting their target.

Reduced movement speed for upgraded vortex spells with extended duration by 25%.

Balancing pass on passives to better match strength with cost.

Lore of the Wild and Lore of Beasts recharge times made consistent with other Lores of Magic.

Flock of Doom has been made less effective.

Fixed consistency issues with initial recharge not always being applied for abilities without a recharge condition.

Full ability change list: Bretonnia update/ability changes.


Fixed Empire Captain on Barded Warhorse getting free abilities and no items.

Frenzy, Primal Fury, Lady’s Blessing, Regeneration, Vigour Mortis, Unholy Lodestone, Balefire, Bloodroar, Swarm of Flies turned into always selected innate abilities and ability costs added to unit cost.


Added the following to the Quick Battle Map pool: Altdorf Outskirts, Barrier Idols, Battle of the Cairns, Bloodpine Woods, Broken Leg Gully, Death Pass, Devastation of Ostermark, Excavation Site, High Pass, Kelp and Koldust,

Lost Vault of King Lunn, Mouth of the Pass, Mushroom Cave, The Ashenhall, The Lost Idol, The Silver Spire, Void of Hel Fenn, Warpstone Mine.