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Bretonnian Merchants is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II with the Aye-Aye! Patch.

They appear in the campaign if the player is playing as a Vampire Coast faction. The player will be presented with a dilemma to choose one of four factions to go after for varying amounts of treasure.

Once you have selected a faction, they will spawn a single army which is hostile to you and begin to sail around the map. You will have a quest to kill them in order to get your reward. Note that another faction may kill them before you get the chance, causing you to fail your quest.

They use the Bretonnian Rebels crest for their faction.


A small but growing middle class of commoners, also referred to as Freemen, make up both the professional trades and merchant class within Bretonnian society. Although literate for the most part they can be either self-taught or instructed by monks, as there are no public schools in Bretonnia. All education is thus done by private arrangement and comes from the many Grail Monasteries for a steep price. Artisans, craftsmen, and skilled semi-professionals live almost exclusively within the kingdom's few cities and numerous larger towns, situated mostly along the kingdom's coasts and rivers.

They remain socially segregated from the bonded peasants and give fealty unto a lord or landed knight but remain free to move, with permission from local authorities, if their skills are not considered too important to their current master and or community. Intellectuals such as scholars, doctors, and other similar professionals are well-respected for their duties but remain of a lower class than the nobles, usually having about the same rights as a well skilled commoner with money. The ownership of gold jewellery and the hoarding of gold is forbidden to all common classes, forcing merchants to deal almost exclusively in copper and silver. Gold is officially used only amongst the nobility, usually as tax and tithing unto the royal treasury. Any gold received in trade must be declared and handed over to a merchant's noble master, this being done each tithing day, and at an exchange rate that is considered criminal in nearly all other countries.[1]


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