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"Your eyes shine like the stars, and a word from your lips is as the singing of nightingales."

Gilles D’Auran, Brionnian poet.[1a]

Wh dlc05 brt brionne crest.png
General data
RulerReynaud le Marechal
CampaignsThe Season of Revelation
Starting territoryDuchy of Brionne

Brionne is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It only appears in the Season of Revelation mini-campaign, as in the Grand Campaigns it is combined with Carcassonne.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Dukedom of Brionne is a founding Dukedom that lies at the southern tip of Bretonnia's western coast, just below the tranquil lands of Aquitaine. Being surrounded by powerful allies and far away from major threats, Brionne is famous for its beautiful and tranquil landscape, second only to its brethren within Aquitaine itself. Indeed, for Brionne is famous for its emphasis on making everything, from mighty castles to small towns as clean and beautiful as possible.[1a]

This beauty comes at the cost of practicality and common sense. Mighty castles are beautiful in style, but horrible at its purpose. Villages are often destroyed and rebuilt all for the means of making it look beautiful and happy but at the expense of the inhabitants and the coffers of the Dukedom. Due to this emphasis, Brionne is a vibrant follower of the arts, most particular the art of literature, poetry and music, making the Dukedom a major cultural centre within the kingdom. Its current ruler is Duke Theodoric.[1]

Provinces[edit | edit source]

The Season of Revelation