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The number of available Construction.png building slots in a settlement determines how many buildings can be constructed there. The first slot is always taken up by the settlement building (or ruins) itself. Upgrading a settlement opens up more building slots, up to a maximum number. The maximum number of slots available depends on the type of settlement or horde army, the game you are playing, and the race you are playing.

See our articles on buildings and settlements for more information.

Maximum number of building slots per settlement type[]

Total War: Warhammer[]

Total War: Warhammer II[]

  • Minor settlements: 4
  • Province capitals: 8
  • Faction capitals: 10
  • Forest settlements: 12
  • Skavenblight: 12
  • Asrai Lookouts: 2
  • Oak of Ages: 1
  • Fortress Gates: 1
  • Horde armies: 10
  • Province capitals in the Norscan peninsula: 6
  • Minor settlements in the Norscan peninsula: 4
  • Black Arks: 10
  • Elven Colony province capital: 8
  • Elven Colony minor settlement: 4