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Buildings are constructed on the campaign map in settlements or horde armies, and provide various benefits.

How buildings work[]

Constructing and upgrading buildings costs money and sometimes population surplus, depending on the building.

Buildings improve your empire and boost it in many different ways, from generating more money, to recruiting new military units. Each faction has different buildings available (see the list at the bottom of the page).

Buildings come in chains which upgrade in levels or tiers: I, II, III, IV, V. Minor settlements can only construct buildings up to level III, while province capitals can construct/upgrade buildings all the way to level V. Thus, building chains which go all the way up to level IV or V should be reserved for the province capital in most cases.

There is also unique special buildings tied to specific settlements.

The number of building slots determines how many building chains you can have in a given settlement. This in turn depends on the campaign and your chosen faction.

Buildings can be demolished by the owning player, which costs 1-2 turns and provides money.


Main article: Hordes.

Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen must put their horde armies into Encamped stance to construct buildings. Each individual horde army has 10 slots for buildings.

Most buildings for horde factions require population surplus to construct - even military and infrastructure buildings.

To recruit a unit, a horde army must have constructed the corresponding building. For instance, if a player wants to recruit Dragon Ogres into multiple hordes, then each individual horde needs to have it's own Lightning Grounds building.

Wood Elves[]

Main articles: Wood Elves buildings, Wood Elves settlements.

Wood Elves have a very different settlement system to most races, which affects what buildings they can construct where. See the above articles for more information.

Types of buildings[]

Settlements and Camps[]

This is the main building chain of the settlement. The level of the main Settlement chain determines what level buildings can be constructed in that settlement. For instance if the Settlement chain is at level III, then other building chains in that settlement can only be upgraded to level III at most, while level IV and V buildings can't be built at all.

Upgrading the Settlement chain costs population surplus and provides extra growth, income and public order. It usually also provides a garrison and walls.

For horde factions, this is called the Camp chain.


Some individual settlements have a special resource. In these cases the settlement has a special building chain to go with it.


Coastal settlements have access to a port building chain which usually increases growth and income, while allowing trade routes to other factions with ports on the same sea. Several settlements also have special ports.

Military recruitment / Basic military[]

Once built in a province, these buildings allow recruitment of core military units in that province, and also in the global recruitment pool.

For regular factions, there is no benefit to building multiple of the same military building in a province, aside from increasing. The game will warn players when a province has redundant military buildings. Horde factions operate differently (see above).

Military support / Advanced military[]

Some of these buildings unlock recruitment of elite / special units. Others don't unlock units but provide other bonuses such increasing recruitment capacity.


Infrastructure buildings generally come in 4 varieties.

  • Food buildings which increase growth.
  • Economic buildings which increase monetary income directly.
  • Buildings which increase public order.
  • Defence buildings which increase the garrison or provide walls to a previously unwalled settlement.

However this differs with some races having more different kinds of infrastructure buildings, and others having less.

Damaged buildings[]

Buildings can be damaged when a settlement is sacked. Damaged buildings do not allow recruitment and provide no bonuses. Repairing a damaged building costs money and 1 turn.


Vandalism - Greenskins, Warriors of Chaos, Norsca and Beastmen can all leave behind harmful buildings after they sack or raze a settlement.

Special buildings and landmarks[]

Special buildings (including landmarks) are unique to that specific settlement on the campaign map. Landmarks often provide unique bonuses to specific races when they occupy the settlement, and may not be available to build for every race. For instance the Altdorf Colleges of Magic is a unique landmark building which can only be constructed in the settlement of Altdorf (Reikland province) by human factions excluding Bretonnian Kingdoms.


Ruined settlements have a single ruin building in place of the main Settlement chain. When a ruin is colonized the main Settlement chain must be rebuilt from scratch in place of the ruin building.


Many races have special building categories, just for them.

List of buildings by race[]

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