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General data
TypeMinor Faction
RulerJovi Helborg
CampaignsAn Eye For An Eye
Starting territory
An Eye For An Eye

Carroburg is a minor Empire faction that only appears in the An Eye For An Eye mini-campaign. It was never brought forward to future campaigns.


Carroburg is a sizable town that served once as the former capital of the Province of Drakwald before its desolation as an Imperial state in 1414 IC. It specializes in trade, glass, and pottery, with its present day ruler being Duke Leopold von Bildhofen.

Once the seat of the Teutogen kings and later the Imperial Capital under the Drakwald Emperors, Carroburg is the chief town of western Middenland. Built on the steep slopes that rise from the Reik’s east bank, Carroburg is a maze of twisting streets and stairs. Since water and waste travel downhill, the more well-off the residents of a neighbourhood are, the higher up the hill they will be. This makes the businesses of the shoe and boot cleaners in the docks district very brisk, indeed.


Event Province Region Neutral.pngStarting Territory[]

Campaign Territory
Campaign Select Beastmen.png

An Eye For An Eye

Reikwald Forest
  • Icon Marker Settlement.pngCarroburg
    • Dunkelbild
    • Senden

The Reikland Channel

  • Icon Marker Settlement.pngScheinfield
    • Caden
    • Eslohe
    • Leydenhove


The Carroburg Greatswords Imperial Supply unit in Total War: Warhammer II are from this town. They are Reiklanders who have fought time and time again against Middenland, even though the settlement is now controlled by Boris Todbringer.


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