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Cavill is a unique Loremaster of Hoeth hero for the High Elves. Eltharion / Yvresse starts the campaign with him, other factions cannot recruit him unless they confederate Yvresse.

Cavill is a reference to Henry Cavill, a British actor who is a fan of Total War: Warhammer II. See the Trivia section.

Campaign actions[]

  • Training
  • Spread Public Order
  • Discover Under-Cities
  • Damage Walls
  • Wound Hero
  • Hinder Replenishment

Character traits[]

  • Random generic Hero Trait
White Wolf


Cavill's "White Wolf" trait is a reference to The Witcher fantasy series. Actor Henry Cavill plays the main character Geralt of Rivia (a professional monster hunter who uses potions) in the Netflix adaption of the Witcher (The Witcher originated as a Polish novel series called Wiedźmin). The flavour text "Wind's Howling" refers to the videogame The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which Henry played and liked, but did not appear in. The fact that Cavill is a Loremaster of Hoeth also fits, as Geralt of Rivia is known to use both swordplay and magic.