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Chaos Warriors Race Pack
General Information
DLC TypeRace Pack
Release Date24th May, 2016
Us.gif USD$7.99
Europeanunion.gif EUR€7.49
Gb.gif GBP£5.99

The Chaos Warriors Race Pack is paid DLC for Total War: Warhammer, released alongside that game on May 23rd, 2016.

This pack makes the Warriors of Chaos faction playable in both The Old World campaign and multiplayer, and greatly expands their roster of units.

The Chaos Warriors Race Pack can be purchased on Steam, Fanatical, Humble Store or GreenManGaming.

Controversy and Development History[]

The Chaos Warriors Race Pack was announced on October 22, 2015[1] - 7 months before the release of Total War: Warhammer. The pack would be included free of charge with any preorders of Total War: Warhammer, but would have to be purchased separately after release. The eventual price was not announced before launch.

The news angered some people who were looking forward to Total War: Warhammer. Many believed Creative Assembly had developed this content and then cut it from the upcoming game so it could be sold separately to generate extra revenue. Others claimed it was unacceptable to a cut a race which was core to the Warhammer Fantasy setting[2]. Yet others said that users were required to go out on a limb - purchasing the game before its quality was known[citation needed].

Shortly after the announcement, popular YouTube reviewer AngryJoe published a video criticising CA, calling them "anti-consumer"[3]. CA was also criticised by many Total War and Warhammer YouTubers, such as lionheartx10[4], ArchWarhammer[5], OakleyHiDef and IndyPride[6]. The original video announcing the pack has over 50,000 dislikes to just 3,989 likes[7].

On November 4, Creative Assembly responded to the criticism and concern by publishing a blog post on the official game forums[8] which explained in detail their motivations and defended their business decision. According to the post, the Warriors of Chaos were always going to be in the game with a reduced roster of units as a non-playable end-game boss faction. The developers wanted to include them as a fully playable race, but lacked the funding. As a result, they used their separate DLC budget to finish the faction. However, this meant the pack would be sold as paid DLC.

By November 5, over 6,000 people had signed a petition asking that the Warriors of Chaos be made available for free [9].

In a December 2015 interview with Eurogamer, CA games designer Richard Aldridge revealed that the development team was "very disheartened" by the reaction to the DLC[10].

On April 29, 2016, CA made the Chaos Warriors Race Pack free to all those who purchased Total War: Warhammer within the first week after release, in addition to those who preordered the game[11].


The Chaos Warriors Race Pack adds the Warriors of Chaos as a fully playable faction with an expanded roster of units in the Grand Campaign and Multiplayer. Without the pack, the Warriors of Chaos still appear in the Grand Campaign as a non-playable "end game boss" faction with a reduced unit roster.

Unit Roster[]

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The following units are added to the Warriors of Chaos by this DLC. They will not appear in Total War: Warhammer unless you purchase this DLC:

Legendary Lords

  • Prince Sigvald the Magnificent
  • Kholek Suneater




Monstrous Infantry