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Characters are a special type of unit introduced in Total War: Warhammer. Characters carry their own attributes and abilities that can benefit or sometimes hinder the faction.

There are two distinct kinds of characters, both of which can fight in battle:

  • Icon general.pngLords are the most powerful and important type. Each army must have a lord leading it. Legendary lords are a subtype of lord.
  • Icon hero.pngHeroes act as agents performing actions around the campaign map, but can also join an army and fight in battle.


Characters can be wounded on the campaign map, which means they will disappear and be unavailable for several turns. If this happens to a lord, then you will have to recruit a new lord to lead the absent lord's army. After several turns have passed, the wounded characters can be recruited again at no cost. You do not pay upkeep for wounded characters.

Characters can also be assassinated on the campaign map, which means they are permanently dead.

Lords and heroes can be killed in battle, in which case they will be permanently dead.

When a legendary lord would be assassinated or killed in battle, they will only be wounded instead.

Additionally in Total War: Warhammer II most characters can unlock a skill (see below) called Immortal which prevents them from being assassinated or killed in battle - they will become wounded instead.

Rank and skills[]

In campaign, characters gain experience from battle and various actions, which causes them to gain ranks. When they gain a rank, they can unlock character skills on the skill tree screen.


Characters acquire character traits as they perform successful actions in campaign. Character traits can be viewed on the inventory screen (see below).

Inventory screen[]

In campaign, characters can also use various things in their inventory:

Magical items (except Legendary items) are shared across all characters in the faction, but can be lost to other factions in battle.