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"Nyahahahah! Fools! Mole-sniffing no-furs! Great Rasknitt shall rule forever! Mighty Rasknitt cannot die!"

- Rasknitt, Grey Seer of Clan Fester
Clan Fester is a minor faction of Skaven introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Borg-Zapp Scrutle and can be found in the heart of Lustria.


Clan Fester is a Warlord Clan clinging to a distant glorious past, having once held a seat on the Council of Thirteen at the time of the Black Death. To their dismay, the last millennium has provided nothing but ample misfortune and a steady decline, but compared to recent events, most of their historical setbacks pale in comparison.

The breeders of Clan Fester have recently somehow contracted a mysterious disease dubbed 'the Brood Blight' causing infertility among their breeders. The loss of breeders would be a deadly blow to the manpower, influence and strength of any Clan, but to make matters worse, the contagion alienated Clan Fester from their superiors: Clan Pestilens.

When not even the plague merchants of Pestilens could remedy Fester's affliction, the weakened clan was cut off like an infected limb as soon as the Pestilens Deacons had learned as much as they could about the disease. Clan Fester was left to either slowly decline into extinction, or to be sacrificed in suicidal offensives in an attempt to spread their disease to the enemies of Clan Pestilens. Either option spelled nothing but doom for the stricken clan.

In these desperate times entered Grey Seer Rasknitt, who with willy trickery and devious scheming gained influence over the Warlord of Clan Fester, having persuaded him that only Rasknitt has the cure for the malady affecting them. 'Move north, to the lands of the man-things, and take Ubersreik-den, and the magnificent Rasknitt shall deliver Clan Fester from their misery.[1]

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires


Diplomatic traits:

Mortal Empires:

  • Minor Power
  • Spineless

Eye of the Vortex:

  • Aggressive
  • Extreme Paranoia
  • Ruin-Dweller

Starting agreements[]

Eye of the Vortex:


They are based in Lustria, being potential opponents of Cult of Sotek and perhaps The Drowned. If they manage to survive the onslaught of the Lizardmen, the Skaven of Clan Fester might find an ally within the other clans in the continent, notably Clan Pestilens. Considering the amount of ruins present in Lustria, the ratmen can quickly expand if left unchecked.


  • The Skaven of Clan Fester are the main antagonists in Vermintide 1 and one of the antagonists in Vermintide 2. In the Vermintide games, Clan Fester assaults The Empire, sacking cities such as Helmgart.
  • Clan Fester was introduced in the Doomsayers Update for Total War: Warhammer II.