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Clan Gritus is a minor faction of Skaven introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by ? and can be found in ?.


Clan Gritus were once part of Clan Mors, but following the death of Great Warlord Vrrmik there was an absence of a leader ruthless enough to prevent the vast clan from fracturing. Clan Gritus was one of the factions that split off before tyranny was restored. Clan Gritus is now a powerful clan in its own right, one that actively seeks out and preys on weaker clans. Those not destroyed are absorbed into their own ranks and as a result, Clan Gritus boasts many slaves and captured warbeasts.

Even after post-battle feeding and inter-clan trading, there is such a surplus that this stock is used for sport. Many of Clan Gritus' warriors test their blades in lethal pit-fights and many bear scars, including the clan's current Warlord who lost an eye in the games. Clan Gritus maintains an ample supply of both Stormvermin and captured weaponry (of which Jezzails are particularly prized) to help put down the frequent slave revolts. Skavenslaves that fight especially well might eventually be raised to the ranks of the Clanrats. Many Clan Gritus Skaven thus bear signs of prior slavery, including spiked collars, ankle chains and wrist clasps. These motifs are also displayed on banners.

Starting territory[]

Mortal Empires: Northern Dark Lands

Eye of the Vortex: The Jungles of the Gods


Diplomatic traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Extreme Paranoia
  • Ruin-Dweller

Starting agreements[]

  • ?



Clan Gritus is a Skaven faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer III.



Event Province Region Neutral.png Starting Territory[]


Starting treaties[]


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