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Clan Helhein is a minor Dwarfs faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Gilbert Helhein and they are located in the Dark Lands, east of Karak Azul and west of Clan Eshin. They act as a starting enemy for the Knights of Caledor.


The tale of Clan Helhein is a long one and full of sorrows. One of the so-called ‘Dragonback Clans,’ their hot-headed founder, Toruk Helhein, fell out with then High King Gorim Ironhammer during the Golden Age, leaving the World's Edge Mountains after a brief but bloody grudge-feud. Clan Helhein were instrumental in establishing the Ekrund Mines, their doughty but grim warriors winning many famous battles, including that of Dragonfire Pass. After the Fall of Ekrund, those of Clan Helhein that survived crossing the Badlands re-settled in Karak Eight Peaks. Although some of their clan remain with King Belegar today, most have wandered since the death of King Lunn - seeking their fortune in the Mountains of Mourn. Ill-luck, it is said, is their constant companion.[1]


Event Province Region Neutral.pngStarting Territory[]

Campaign Territory Region
Campaign Select Mortal Empires.png

Mortal Empires

The Wolf Lands
  • Mount Greyhag

Plain of Bones

  • Ash Ridge Mountains
  • Darkhold
The Dark Lands


Event General News Neutral.pngStarting Treaties[]

Clan Helhein will start with the following treaties already in effect: