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Clan Kreepus is a minor Skaven faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Garrott of Mordheim and can be found in Mordheim, north of Sylvania.


Clan Kreepus of Gnaw Pit was once conquered by Clan Grikk. Despite months of plotting, Clan Kreepus were unable to overthrow their jailers – until, that is, Clan Eshin promised to intervene in exchange for unswerving fealty. Deciding that service was better than slavery, Clan Kreepus accepted and a stash of poisoned daggers was smuggled into Gnaw Pit that night. Unable to clutch the weapons in their manacled claws, the Skaven of Clan Kreepus instead wielded them in their tails. When the guards next opened the cages they were overwhelmed. Clan Kreepus have been the willing thralls of Clan Eshin ever since and they have adopted many of their patron's mysterious ways. They are a secretive clan, running many mysterious errants for their Clan Eshin masters. Wary of reprisals, the warriors of Clan Kreepus rarely show their faces: it is rare for them not to obscure their faces with cloths, masks, or at least a few rags.

Clan Kreepus display Skaven runes made from daggers. Poisoned blades and rat-tail motifs are both common on Clan Kreepus' shields and banners.[1]

Starting Position[]

Mortal Empires: Mordheim

Diplomatic traits[]

  • Minor Power
  • Spineless
  • Passive


Clan Kreepus is the first enemy the Wargrove of Woe will meet.