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A map of the Mortal Empires campaign showing different climates. Credit: Reddit user /u/gurudingo

Climate should not be confused with terrain, corruption and attrition which are all different.
Climate should not be confused with weather effects such as storms, sandstorms from the Great Incantation of Khsar, or the Mists of Yvresse.

In Total War: Warhammer II each settlement on the campaign map has a different climate. Each faction has different preferences for the climate of areas they wish to occupy. One may prefer jungle, while another may find jungles unpleasant and prefer frozen areas. While factions can occupy settlements in any climate, doing so in an unpleasant/uninhabitable climates incurs various penalties.

Please note that Horde races such as Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen are not affected by climate, as they do not occupy settlements.

The climate system replaced the regional occupation system from TWW1.

Climate types[]

Currently there are 10 climates in Total War: Warhammer II.

Climate Description
Chaotic wasteland.pngChaotic Wasteland Nature’s rules do not apply in regions under the influence of the Ruinous Powers. Only the followers of the Dark Gods could hope to remain here, and even they do so at great personal risk.
Wasteland.pngWasteland Scorched or scoured - nothing grows here and only a few races could survive in this region, let alone thrive.
Frozen.pngFrozen Eternal winter blights this region. Lakes of ice, fierce shard storms and snow-covered fjords scatter the environment. It takes a determined kind of people to eke out a life here.
Ocean.pngOcean The oceans of the world harbor many great wrecks and treasures, as only the best seafaring races can truly master its currents and tides.
Mountain.pngMountain The snow-capped peaks of this world scrape the sky. Mountainous regions are hazardous, although those races that inhabit them rarely live on the surface.
Temperate island.pngTemperate Island Climate on the isles in this region is changeable. However, the trees grow tall and strong, the hunting is good, and crops can be grown by competent farmers.
Temperate.pngTemperate The terrain of this region consists of lush grasslands and sprawling forests, with food and resources in abundance.
Magical forest.pngMagical Forest Steeped in magic, just who is allowed to remain in the forests' interior is the will of the trees themselves and their spirit allies.
Savannah.pngSavannah Scattered tree growth is broken by course grasslands and watering holes. Here, the climate is hot and the bugs grow large.
Jungle.pngJungle Dense jungle is hot and humid, and often home to creatures and plants that consider potential empire-builders to be prey.
Desert.pngDesert The sun burns and very little grows here, yet the shifting sands of this region hide more than mere dunes - certain races have proven tenacious in this climate.

Climate preferences table[]

In the table below, green = favorable, yellow = Unpleasant, red = Uninhabitable.

Hover over the abbreviated links to see which faction they refer to.

Additionally, note that the table is very wide. There is a scroll bar at the bottom, for desktop PC users. Mobile users can swipe left to see the right hand side of the table.

Climate Habitability
Humans1 Dwarfs Greenskins Vampire Counts High Elves Dark Elves Lizard Men Skaven Tomb Kings Vampire


Base GO THE Base KK2 IE2 Base BH8 BA8 BR8 Base BL3 LO4 OoL4 AV4 NA4 YV4 KoC4 Base BD HG5 Base GoP Base Rictus6 Moulder6 Base EoN7 CoL7
Chaotic wasteland.pngChaotic Wasteland
Temperate island.pngTemperate Island
Magical forest.pngMagical Forest


1. Human factions include The Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev and Southern Realms.
2. Sub-factions of the Dwarfs with different climate preferences.
3. Sub-faction of the Vampire Counts with unique climate preferences.
4. Sub-factions of the High Elves all with unique climate preferences.
5. Sub-faction of the Dark Elves with unique climate preferences.
6. Sub-faction of the Skaven with different climate preferences.
7. Sub-factions of the Tomb Kings with different climate preferences.
8. Sub-factions of the Greenskins with different climate preferences.
9. Wood Elves have full habitability in all climates, however they also have a special settlement system: They can only build outposts outside of Magical Forest settlements.

Habitability effects[]

Habitable / Favourable[]

Habitable climates have no penalties for occupying a settlement.


Unpleasant climates are penalized. Construction times of settlements are increased and income, replenishment and public order are lowered:

  • Treasury.png Construction cost: +30% for all buildings
  • Construction time: +3 for Province Capital/Settlement buildings
  • Income from all buildings: -15%
  • Replenishment.png Casualty replenishment rate: -8%
  • Public order.png Public order: -1


Uninhabitable climates suffer severe penalties. You can still occupy them, but construction and recruitment times are increased. Income, replenishment, growth and public order are reduced severely:

  • Construction time: +100% for all buildings
  • Recruitment duration: +1 turn for all units
  • Treasury.png Construction cost: +50% for all buildings
  • Income from all buildings: -50%
  • Replenishment.png Casualty replenishment rate: -15%
  • Growth: -7
  • Public order.png Public order: -3