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A commandment may be issued by a faction in a province, if the faction controls all settlements in the province. Commandments provide powerful bonuses, and may be issued from the province info panel.

When issued, a commandment won’t apply its effects until the turn is ended. Only one commandment may be active in a province at a time. Issuing a second commandment will cancel the first.

Each race has a unique set of commandments, with a few exceptions:

List of commandments by race[]


Icon Name Effect
Edict empower the guilds.png Empower the Guilds Province growth: +15
Trade income: +5%
Edict high kings tribute.png High King's Tribute Province tax income: +5%
Edict masters of steel and stone.png Masters of Steel and Stone Building costs: -10%
Unit recruitment costs: -5%
Unit recruitment per turn: +1
Edict venerate the ancestors.png Venerate the Ancestors Corruption reduction: +1%
Public order: +2

The Empire[]

The Empire
Icon Name Effect
Edict council of burgomeisters.png Council of Burgomeisters Trade income: +5%
Province growth: +20
Edict host festag.png Host Festag Public order: +4
Edict imperial taxation.png Imperial Taxation Province tax income: +5%
Edict levy conscripts.png Levy Conscripts Unit replenishment: +1
Unit recruitment per turn: +1
Edict sigmarite dogma.png Sigmarite Dogma Enemy hero actions success chance: -10%
Corruption reduction: +1%
Edict state troop levy.png State Troop Levy Unit recruitment costs: -5%
Unit recruitment per turn: +1


Icon Name Effect
Edict brag about da boss.png Brag about da Boss Unit recruitment costs: -5%
Unit recruitment per turn: +1
Edict camp ruckus.png Camp Ruckus Province growth: +20
Public order: +2
Edict give it ere.png Give it 'ere Province tax income: +5%

Vampire Counts[]

Vampire Counts
Icon Name Effect
Edict evocation of nagash.png Evocation of Nagash Unit experience: +1%
Unit recruitment per turn: +1
Edict foster terror.png Foster Terror Province growth: +20
Vampiric corruption: +1%
Edict harvest corpses.png Harvest Corpses Province tax income: +5%
Edict repress mortals.png Repress Mortals Public order: +4


Icon Name Effect
Grand Market Charter Trade income: +5%
Province growth: +20
Levy Tithes Province tax income: +5%
Realm of Chivalry Corruption reduction: +2
The Peasant's Duty Unit recruitment costs: -5%
Unit recruitment per turn: +1
Venerate the Lady Public order: +4

High Elves[]

High Elves
Icon Name Effect
Reaver Patrols Enemy armies starting their turn in this region: -10% movement
Enemy Hero action success chance: -15%
Ambush success chance +10%
Tribute to the Phoenix King Income from trade: +4% (factionwide)
Tax rate: +3%
Rebuild Lost Splendour Construction cost: -10% for all buildings
Growth +20
Rally Citizen Militia Recruit rank: +1 for all units
Local recruitment capacity: +1
Banish Corruption Untainted: +2 (local province)


Icon Name Effect
Edict efficient planning.png Efficient Planning Public order +1
Untainted +1
Edict expansionist planning.png Expansionist Planning Construction cost -10% for all buildings
Growth +20
Edict martial planning.png Martial Planning Recruitment cost -5%
Local recruitment capacity +1
Edict exploitative planning.png Exploitative Planning Food generated per turn: 2
Skaven Corruption +2

Tomb Kings[]

Tomb Kings
Icon Name Effect
Edict worship of djaf.png Worship of Djaf Casualty replenishment rate +20% (local armies)
Campaign movement rate +10% for own armies starting their turn in this province
Edict worship of phakth.png Worship of Phakth Construction cost -20% for all buildings
Tax rate +5%
Edict worship of khsar.png Worship of Khsar Melee defense +5 (local armies)
Ambush chance +15% (local armies)
Edict worship of asaph.png Worship of Asaph Public Order +5
Untainted +2
Edict worship of ptra.png Worship of Ptra Unit experience +1 for all unit recruits (local armies)
Growth +15

Vampire Coast[]

Vampire Coast
Icon Name Effect
Bat Swarms Campaign movement range -20% for enemy armies starting their turn in this province.
Vampiric Corruption +2 (local province)
Even More Powder! Global Recruitment capacity +1 (factionwide)
Siege Holdout Time +3
Ammunition +25% (local armies)
Share the Spoils Loyalty will not decline (local armies)
Public order +5
Infamy -10 per turn
Dredge the Sea! Recruitment cost -10% for zombie units (local armies)
Growth +15
Local recruitment capacity +1


Main article: Geomantic Web

Lizardmen commandments are affected by the strength of the Geomantic Web system. Please see that article for full details.

Dark Elves[]

Please add the Dark Elves commandments.

Icon Name Effect
Demand High-born Hostages Public order: +4
Enforce Tribute Payments Tax rate: +5%
Sacrifices for Khaine Slave decline rate: +100%

Recruit rank: +1

Income from post battle loot: +5% (factionwide)

Untainted: +1 local province

Increase Slave Production Quota Income from slaves: +10%

Growth: +20

Read Dark Portents Enemy hero success chance: -15% (local province)

Ambush success chance: +10%

Festivals of Hedonism

(Cult of Pleasure only-replaces

Sacrifices for Khaine)

Slave decline rate: +100%

chaos corruption (local province): +1

chaos corruption (adjacent provinces): +1

Winds of magic power reserve: +2 (all armies)

Non-playable factions[]


Icon Name Effect
Edict collect tribute.png Collect Tribute Province tax income: +5%
Edict foster independence.png Foster Independence Enemy hero actions success chance: -10%
Corruption reduction: +1%
Edict stimulate trade.png Stimulate Trade Trade income: +5%