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Confederation enables a faction to permanently assimilate another faction of the same race. The latter ceases to exist and its settlements and units together with any equipped items and ancillaries are transferred over to the former.

Although diplomacy is the classic process to confederate, some races have their own unique confederation mechanics. Each confederation may attract some temporary effects, mostly negative.


Diplomacy option: Join Confederation

Ask the other faction to join your confederation. If you are strong enough and they accept your offer, their faction will be assimilated into your own; their settlements will become yours, as may some of their armies. Be aware that depending on the balance of the assets you acquire, your income may be adversely affected.

  • Beastmen factions are more likely to confederate if one is much stronger than the other, be it at high relationship or as part of a peace deal.
  • Dark Elf, Dwarf and High Elf factions and other Human race factions may confederate with their own kind if mutual relations are good and one is significantly stronger than the other.
  • Lizardmen factions will typically reject confederation options without a significant positive diplomatic modifier.

Unique mechanics[]


Bretonnia factions may research up to six technologies which will unlock the a unique dilemma that enables the Join Confederation diplomacy demand with the relevant faction in exchange for chivalry or money.

Faction Research Dilemma
Artois Heraldry of Artois Heraldry of Artois
Bastonne Heraldry of Bastonne Heraldry of Bastonne
Bordeleaux Heraldry of Bordeleaux Heraldry of Bordeleaux
Carcassonne Heraldry of Carcassonne Heraldry of Carcassonne
Couronne Heraldry of Couronne Heraldry of Couronne
Lyonesse Heraldry of Lyonesse Heraldry of Lyonesse
Parravon Heraldry of Parravon Heraldry of Parravon


Greenskins factions have special dilemmas enabling confederation after they defeat a rival faction leader in battle.


Norsca factions have special dilemmas enabling confederation after they defeat a rival faction leader in battle.

The Empire[]

Fealty mechanics which can force confederations (except The Huntsmarshal's Expedition faction)

Wood Elves[]

Wood Elves factions have up to six special quests and associated dilemmas enabling confederation after they upgrade The Oak of Ages building to tier II and tier III.

Faction Quest Dilemma
Argwylon The Unforgiven (quest) The Unforgiven
Heralds of Ariel
Laurelorn Forest Cousins-in-Arms Cousins-in-Arms
Bowmen of Oreon The Lay of Oreon's Folly The Lay of Oreon's Folly
Talsyn The Warrior King (quest) The Warrior King
Torgovann The Enemy of Thy Enemy The Enemy of Thy Enemy
Wydrioth Destruction & Distraction Destruction & Distraction


Beastmen factions can use Dread to force other Beastmen Legendary Lords to confederate their faction. However, this can only be done between playable factions.


Tomb King and Vampire Coast factions cannot confederate.

Temporary effects[]

Each confederation event attracts negative temporary effects with the exception of Bretonnia factions.

Most factions[]

  • Further confederations will not be possible while this is in effect
  • Diplomatic relations: -40 with own race factions
  • Public order: -8 (all provinces)
  • Turns remaining: 5 The sudden expansion of territory has caused instability throughout the land.

Bretonnia factions[]

  • No waiting time between confederations
  • Control: +5 (all provinces)
  • Turns remaining: 4 Bretonnia grows ever closer to uniting once more - the people rejoice!

Greenskins factions[]

  • No waiting time between confederations
  • No effects

DLC restrictions[]

Confederation is not available if the player does not own the DLC related to the recipient faction. This is due to the fact that confederation may give the player access to that faction's unique units, items and ancillaries allowing the player to access paid content for free.

Dark Elves[]


High Elves[]



Wood Elves[]


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  • While tempting, confederation should only be chosen if you can afford armies to cover the entire extended frontline and public order penalty. As such, always inspect the provinces being confederated into your empire before actually going through with the proposal. Bigger isn't always better. On the other hand, it can provide a significant boost in the late game and extend your reach if you confederate with a faction on the opposite side of the map and, say, the target of a lengthy war.
  • Furthermore, all existing units and lords of the faction you confederate with come under your banner automatically.
  • If you want to confederate with a faction do not give them a military or defensive alliance, this will boost their strength rating because it takes their allies (you) into consideration. It is not impossible to confederate with a military ally, as it guarantees high relations, but it is usually easier without an alliance.