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Crooked Moon
Crooked Moon.png
General data
TypePlayable subfaction
Start Location
Starting location
Climate (TWW2)
  • Prefers wasteland, mountain and savannah
Regional occupation (TWW1)
  • Can only occupy mountains/badlands areas
Other important settlements
Distinct features
Army morale.pngFightiness:Armies have a fightiness rating which rises when fighting and raiding, and falls when inactive/defeated. Low fightiness leads to attrition.
Icon waaagh.pngWaaagh!:High fightiness will spawn an allied Waaagh! army which can be sent against the enemy.
Icon underway.pngUnderway:Armies can choose to use the network of underground tunnels to avoid impassable terrain and enemy armies.
Icon savage orc roster.pngAggressive MenaceGoblin-focused unit roster with poisonous infantry, fast cavalry and monsters.
Bullet grn eight peaks.pngKarak Eight Peaks:Reoccupy the fabled settlement to construct unique powerful buildings inside. Cannot recruit Orc units until you do.
Crooked Moon requires The King and the Warlord to play.

Crooked Moon is a playable sub-faction of the Greenskins introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Skarsnik and can be found in the mountains between Athel Loren and The Empire.

These unruly warriors dwell in the Badlands, mountains and other wild areas and love nothing more than a good fight. From time to time, they will come together in a great “Waaagh!” - an invasion of civilised lands. Armies of Greenskins feature masses of poorly-disciplined infantry, alongside boar-riding cavalry and monsters like trolls and giant spiders.


The Peaks belong to me. I dare yoo to try and take ‘em from me, stunty.”

Orcs and Goblins are the scourge of the Old World. Collectively known as Greenskins, they are an aggressive and brutal race with an unquenchable love of war. Orcs are built for violence – brutal, bullying creatures of jutting jaws and hulking appearance. The Goblins, by contrast, are smaller but more cunning as they mob-up in greater numbers.

Although many Greenskin tribes reside in the Badlands to the south, since the calamitous defeat of the Dwarfs in the wake of the Time of Woes, Orcs and Goblins have developed a taste for the “fine livin’” to be found within the Dwarfholds – specifically the abundance of “shiny fings” piled high in the halls beneath.

Now, the sneakiest Night Goblin, Skarsnik, self-styled ‘Warlord of the Eight Peaks’, hunts his prized Squigs in the Grey Mountains. Once he learns that mutinous gits from within his own tribe have betrayed him and taken the Eight Peaks for themselves there will most certainly be trouble of the psychotically-violent kind; Skarsnik’s Waaagh! is truly something to behold, or avoid if you’re on the opposing side! This is what Gork and Mork – da Green Godz – demand of their servants, and only total victory will satisfy their bloodlust!

In battle[]

Plays largely the same as the other Greenskins factions but with a large focus on gobboz and a lack of Orcs until Karak Eight Peaks is captured.

In campaign[]

Plays largely the same as the other Greenskins factions, with the following exceptions:

Lord Choices[]

  • Skarsnik – a decent leader, backed up by his pet squig Gobbla.

Karak Eight Peaks[]

"Recapturing Karak Eight Peaks will be no easy task, that much is certain. Another certainty is that all those joining this undertaking will require great compensation."

Karak Eight Peaks is a unique settlement which affects Crooked Moon in the campaign.

Karak Eight Peaks (Crooked Moon) Bullet grn eight peaks.png
Status Effect
You do not control Karak Eight Peaks Obedience -2 (all provinces)
Cannot recruit Orc units (see below for details)
You control Karak Eight Peaks No effect

Orc Recruitment[]

As per Skarsnik's lord effects, the following Orc units can only be recruited from Karak Eight Peaks itself:

To counteract this, Skarsnik has -40% upkeep on Goblin units:

Savage Orc units can still be recruited regardless of the status of Karak Eight Peaks, though as usual you need to do so from a settlement with the Savage Orcs resource.

Start Position[]

Wh main grn crooked moon.png

Starts in Southern Grey Mountains.

Victory Conditions[]

The same as the Grimgor's 'Ardboyz (see Greenskins#Victory Conditions), with the following additions:

Short campaign victory additions:

Long campaign victory additions: