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Cult of Pleasure is a playable Dark Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Cult of Pleasure is playable in the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns. It is led by the Hag Sorceress Morathi, who is the mother (and some say lover) of Malekith. The Cult of Pleasure are particularly corrupt and sadistic even for Dark Elves, and spread chaos corruption wherever they go.

How they play[]

A summary of Cult of Pleasure gameplay:

  • Chaos Corruption: In campaign, Morathi's Cult of Pleasure faction spreads chaos corruption, but other Dark Elf factions do not.
  • Units: Cult of Pleasure uses Dark Elves units. The roster is well-rounded, with a focus on elite infantry and cavalry, backed up by hydras and spellcasters.
  • Murderous Prowess: In battle, Dark Elf armies gain extra bonuses after inflicting a certain amount of damage.
  • Slaves: In campaign, Dark Elves gather the slaves resource, which boosts the economy at the expense of public order.
  • Black Arks: These are powerful naval units which can be used to recruit armies at sea.
  • Rites: Dark Elves have access to various rites which grant bonuses in campaign when slaves are sacrificed.
  • Names of Power: Dark Elf lords can acquire different Names of Power which have varying effects.
  • Loyalty: Dark Elf lords have a loyalty stat, which can cause them to rebel, taking their army with them. High Loyalty lords can offer items.
  • Sword of Khaine: Dark Elf factions can draw the Sword of Khaine.


The events that led to the sundering happened millennia ago, and yet, the grand architect of a whole race’s tragedy not only still lives but remains one of the most powerful of all their rulers. She is the mother of the Witch King; she is Morathi, the Hag Sorceress of Ghrond.

Morathi was Aenarion’s second wife. He rescued the beautiful seeress from a Slaaneshi host. As the legends tell it, they soon fell in love, and Morathi’s influence became absolute. Through their union came a son, Malekith, destined to become the Witch King. This alone guarantees Morathi a place in history, but she is far more than a mother alone. It was Morathi that broke apart the magical spectrum to fashion Dark Magic. It was she that spread the Cult of Pleasure throughout Ulthuan, fermenting the seeds of discord and ensuring that Malekith’s followers were ready when he made his move against the usurpers of Ulthuan.

To this day, Morathi is both revered and hated by her own kin. While the Witch King tolerates his mother, she is more likely to be manipulating events that furnish her own agenda. Seduction and assassination are her favoured weapons, although she is no stranger to open war. Over millennia the Cult of Pleasure’s influence has waxed and waned, but it has always remained under Morathi’s sway. And so - even as Malekith banishes the Hag Sorceress away from the traditional powerbase of Ghrond to the Ancient City of Quintex - her followers are ready and waiting.

In battle[]

They have access to all the same units as other Dark Elves factions, except Malekith (though you can recruit Malekith if you are playing as Cult of Pleasure and you confederate with Naggarond).

In the campaign[]

Cult of Pleasure plays largely the same as other Dark Elves factions like Naggarond. Please see the Dark Elves page for more detailed information on their buildings, technologies, Black Arks, Slaves etc.

Legendary Lord Choices[]

  • Morathi - a powerful, versatile spellcaster lord who can ride a flying Dark Pegasus.

Chaos Corruption[]

Bullet chs corruption.pngChaos Corruption is the defining feature of Cult of Pleasure that sets them apart from other Dark Elves factions. Morathi herself has lord effects and items which increase Chaos Corruption. Unlike Warriors of Chaos, Cult of Pleasure does not take attrition damage when in areas with low corruption/high untainted. If you are playing another Dark Elves faction and confederate with Morathi, then she will stop spreading Chaos corruption. Cult of Pleasure spread Chaos corruption via characters, settlements and their unique building chain (see below).

Cult of Pleasure buildings[]

Cult of Pleasure has access to two unique building chains. One is instead of the normal Dark Elves entertainment building chain (Torture Posts, Fighting Pits, Arena).

The Cult of Pleasure chain spreads Chaos Corruption in addition to increasing public order:

As the Temple of Khaine chain provides Untainted, recruitment of Witch Elves are tied to the building chain for spreading Chaos Corruption instead, and the Cult of Pleasure has the following military recruitment buildings instead:

Faction Effects[]

  • Spreads Chaos corruption
  • +20 Diplomatic relations with Dark Elves
  • -50% Hero action cost

Starting Location[]

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires

Victory Conditions[]

Eye of the Vortex[]

Mortal Empires[]

Short Campaign

Long Campaign

  • Control all of provinces of Ulthuan either through direct ownership, vassals or military alliances: Eataine, Yvresse, Saphery, Cothique, Avelorn, Chrace, Nagarythe, Ellyrion, Tiranoc, Caledor, Eagle Gate, Griffon Gate, Unicorn Gate, Phoenix Gate
  • Control 17 major capitals either through direct ownership, vassals or military alliances: Couronne, Altdorf, Castle Drakenhof, The Oak of Ages, Miragliano, Skavenblight, Kislev, Hell Pit, Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Eight Peaks, Black Crag, Lahmia, Khemri, Itza, Hexoatl, Naggarond, Lothern, Gaean Vale, The Awakening, The Galleon's Graveyard, Sartosa
  • Maintain 5 Black Arks
  • Destroy Nagarythe, Avelorn, Exiles of Nehek, Clan Rictus, Hexoatl, The Drowned, Eataine, and Har Ganeth
  • Capture 25,000 captives in battle
  • Construct a Dark Convent of Sorcery
  • Defeat the leaders of Chaos


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In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, the Cult of Pleasure starts in a war with the Bleak Holds faction. This faction should be completely defeated in order to have 2 entire provinces and the source of Scrolls of Hekarti to the east of your starting location. Once you have developed your army you should focus on invading the Exiles of Nehek, these Tomb Kings will be keep invading your western borders otherwise. Marching your armies south will yield further sources of Scrolls of Hekarti. One of the key features of this faction is the spreading of chaos corruption, which should be your first priority when building your provinces. It will help keep provinces under control and make settlements from other faction rebel and be destroyed by Chaos rebels.


  • While playing as Orion, in one of your quest battles you fight against Wood Elven Slaaneshi cultists, the Cult of Seduction. They are said to have ties with the Cult of Pleasure.