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Daemons of Chaos, sometimes referred to as Chaos Undivided, is a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. It represents the daemons that are not aligned with any of the four Chaos Gods, so they take in units from all four Gods.

Its only playable faction, the Legion of Chaos, is led by The Daemon Prince.

How to play[]


The Daemons of Chaos are the various daemons who are not aligned or bound by any of the four Chaos Gods, even though they included the same Gods' daemons.

Some warriors and lords who serve Chaos do not submit to any one deity, but to Chaos Undivided - the primal force of Chaos unbound by any of the Gods. Among these dread unifiers are Archaon and the Daemon Prince.


Daemons of Chaos factions are normal, non-horde factions who occupy settlements and control provinces.

Playable factions[]

At the moment there is only one playable Daemons of Chaos faction. See individual pages for faction-specific info.

Minor factions[]

Total War: Warhammer III

Factions introduced in The Realm of Chaos campaign:

In battle[]

In campaign[]

  • You create your own Daemon Prince to begin your campaign, customising him with whatever body parts and weapons to choose from.
  • Your mission is to kill Ursun and use his blood to open a tome.
  • You start off near Doomkeep, where you must set up your own base by colonising ruins.
  • Chaos Undivided uses settlements to build their armies.
  • You use Favour instead of Money.
  • You have five types of Chaos Corruption (including Chaos Undivided), which provides bonuses to your Daemon Prince.


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