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Damsel (Beasts) is a Bretonnia spellcaster hero unit. To control animals and twist their natural aggression to your own ends shows true mastery of your art.


Damsels and Prophetesses are powerful individuals, for in their years away from Bretonnia, their innate abilities have been honed and tempered. Their magic is orientated around nature moreso than most other human Wizards, for they are taught by the handmaidens of the Lady. Riding into battle, Damsels and Prophetesses use their powers to lend magical protection to Bretonnia's noble warriors, warding away the foul magic of their enemies as well as casting them down with powerful spells of their own. They are also able to mystically encourage the landscape to fight the Kingdom's enemies; persuading the trees themselves to lash out at the foe; calling flocks of birds to descend on the enemy at their call; even drawing lightning from the heavens to strike down in devastating arcs.


Character abilities[]

Ability Description
Wh main character abilities arcane conduit.png Arcane Conduit A strong mind is needed to channel the Winds of Magic. Those that have such a gift become arcane conduits - funnelling the magical tempests to their cause.
Wh main hero passive aura of the lady.png Aura of the Lady The Lady of the Lake protects her Knights from the devious enchantments of the enemy.



The Damsel (Beasts) uses spells from the Lore of Beasts.

Spell Description
Wh dlc03 lore passive wild heart.png
Wild Heart Amber is the colour of beasts. Such magic can ensnare and entrap animals much more easily than so-called "intelligent" species.
Wh dlc03 spell beasts flock of doom.png
Flock of Doom With a mighty bellow, the spellcaster invokes Corvus the Crow Lord, summoning his servants to peck at the foe's eyes.
Wh dlc03 spell beasts panns impenetrable pelt.png
Pann's Impenetrable Pelt Calling upon the beast-spirits of the wild, the caster sheathes vulnerable flesh in unyielding fur and hide.
Wh dlc03 spell beasts the amber spear.png
The Amber Spear Sounding a gnarled horn, the caster summons a glowing amber spear and hurls it at the foe with uncanny accuracy.
Wh dlc03 spell beasts the curse of anraheir.png
The Curse of Anraheir At the spellcaster's command, nebulous nature spirits assail the foe, clawing with hands not nearly as insubstantial as they first appear.
Wh dlc03 spell beasts transformation of kadon.png
Transformation of Kadon Kadon was able to shift his shape to that of any monster, even a Manticore. One day he found he could not change back...
Wh dlc03 spell beasts wyssans wildform.png
Wyssan's Wildform The spellcaster unleashes the beast within, using its fury to transform allies into bestial forms.



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