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'''Dark Venom''' is a [[Dark Elves]] [[Abilities|ability]] available to the [[Khainite Assassin]].
{{Infobox Ability
|image=Wh2 main character abilities dark venom.png
|type=[[File:Icon spell augment.png|20px]] Augment
|duration=40 seconds
|effects=Base weapon damage [[File:Icon Stat Damage Base.png]]: +90%
|rarity={{Common rarity}}}}'''Dark Venom''' is a common [[Abilities|active character ability]] introduced in ''Total War Warhammer II'' which grants a huge [[Weapon strength|base weapon damage]] bonus over a long period of time.
''A victim of Dark Venom knows only a drawn-out and agonizing death.''
This ability may be inherent, or may be obtained through a [[Skills|character skill tree]] or an [[Items|item]].
==In-game description==
<blockquote>''A victim of Dark Venom knows only a drawn-out and agonizing death.''</blockquote>
{| class="wikitable"
|40 seconds
|Base weapon damage: +90%
|60 seconds
==Notable units (selection)==
== Effect ==
*[[Aventurine Dagger]] weapon item
*[[Khainite Assassin]] hero
* Type: Augment
* Duration: 40 Seconds
* Target: Self
* Uses: 1 Per battle
* Cooldown: 60 Seconds
* +90% Base weapon damage
[[Category:Active character abilities]]
[[Category:Character abilities]]
[[Category:Common abilities]]

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