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Mount deathclaw.png
RaceThe Empire
Unit typeFlying Monster
Multiplayer costIcon income.png 625

Deathclaw is a flying monster mount for The Empire, unique to Karl Franz. It is a variation of an Imperial Griffon.


The unique, tiger-striped griffon favoured by Emperor Karl Franz I as his personal mount and the greatest Imperial Griffon. There is a unique bond between the beast and his emperor, which started when the Wood Elves gifted the emperor a griffon egg in 2503 IC, taken from the highest peak of the Grey Mountains. The Emperor raised the young griffon himself (with some seditious news-sheets suggesting he hatched him personally), forging an unbreakable bond. Deathclaw's unflinching loyalty has aided the Emperor in countless adventures and battles. In one notable instance, the Battle of Blood Keep, the griffon kept the enemies at bay for three hours, protecting the wounded Emperor until the Reiksguard could secure a path to their commander.

Furthermore, Deathclaw is permitted to fly freely above Altdorf, as his dutiful, honorable training means he always returns to his enclosure at night, much to the citizens' relief.


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