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Don't lick a Toad is a Beastmen dilemma.


The lair of a Jabberslythe - a mutated and horrendous abomination - has been found, with the creature still within. We could harness this beast to bolster the herd and risk madness or leave it to its abominable rest.


Summon the beast[]

Although the battle against the Jabberslythehas greatly improved your troops' experience, the beast nevertheless turns some of them mad.

  • Jabberslythe Battle (4 turns)
  • What is madness but a gift from the Gods? Some will fall to the creature's maddening influence, but the rest of the herd will be greatly improved by the abomination's presence.
  • Bestial Rage: -3
  • Unit experience: +3 for all recruits

Leave the creature[]

  • Do nothing
  • We do not need this bizarre curio to win the day. Our enemies are Uncloven fools and will be rended by our power alone!