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Doomsayers Update is an update for Total War: Warhammer II which was released on 17 April 2019. It followed The Festag Update.

Patch notes can be found here:

The Doomsayers Update released alongside:

Content summary[]

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Patch notes[]

Mirrored here in case the Total War website ever goes down.

This automatic update arrives alongside The Prophet & The Warlock Lords pack, bringing a huge array of content additions, revisions, balances and improvements to the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns. Ikit Claw and Tehenauin’s factions of Clan Skryre and the Cult of Sotek now appear in both campaigns under AI control, even if you do not own The Prophet & The Warlock.

Given the influx of new lords and factions over the past year, the Doomsayer Update heralds a major overhaul to campaign balance and AI behaviour, in an effort to level the playing field. The update also adds multiple new territories to both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaign maps. These map revisions will be active in all new campaigns you begin after the update (they won’t appear in pre-update saves).

The factions of Bretonnia also get a significant rework, addressing their buildings, techs, diplomacy, the Green Knight, and much more. And Alberic D’Bordelaux is now fully resplendent and armed with his mighty trident The Wrath of Manaan (plus a new animation-set to wield it with!).

And a quick note on modding: when The Prophet & The Warlock launches, the Assembly Kit will not be able to process Startpos files. This is something that will be fixed with a small launcher update, which we are aiming to publish next week.

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Public Beta

If you don’t want all free content and improvements that are part of the Doomsayer Update right now, you can opt into the public beta by following the below instructions:

  1. In Steam games library, right-click “Total War: WARHAMMER II” and select “Properties
  2. In the Properties window, select the “Betas” tab
  3. Select “public_beta” from the “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” drop-down box
  4. Total War: WARHAMMER II will then update to build 10563.1644458

BRETONNIA PLAYERS: Please note that your save games may leave you with income issues due to our new Bretonnia improvements. We suggest starting a new campaign or to finish off your current campaigns using the public beta instructions above.

You can find the <a href="">The Prophet & The Warlock FAQ here</a>, and you can find the master feedback thread <a href="">here</a>.

Update Highlights

  • Massive balancing pass to how campaigns play out – see Campaign AI Balancing section below for details
  • Multiple new regions and provincial changes across the world in both Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns
    • Notably: Added new region of Massif Orcal in Bretonnia and multiple new regions in the Empire, including the Ruin of Mordheim
  • AI Vampire Counts factions can now gain Bloodline Lords, with specializations for some factions:
    • Mousillon will focus on Blood Dragon lords
    • Necrarch Brotherhood will focus on Necrarch lords
    • Strygos Empire will focus on Strigoi lords
    • Silver Host will focus on the female Lahmian lords
  • Added 15 new island map variations across the world
  • Added multiple new Ritual Currency locations in the Eye of the Vortex campaign to better support the amount of new factions participating in the race
  • Added new location map button on the Lord selection screen so you can see where factions start when choosing them
  • Lowered the availability of most agents for all factions to tier 3 or below, capacity remains unaffected
  • Added Feral Cold Ones as a recruitable unit for all Lizardmen from the Dinosaur Reserve building (animals resource chain)

Campaign Changes

Campaign AI Overhaul

  • Removed autoresolve bonuses for playable and horde factions controlled by the AI
    • This is a massive change that is part of our ongoing campaign balancing plans. Given the number of playable Lords across the world now, we feel a new approach to balance is required and our old method of using auto-resolve bonuses is no longer sufficient
    • As always, we’ll be closely studying our metrics and player feedback regarding campaign balance to make sure this change alongside the other balancing is performing how we want
  • Restructured budget allocation across the board (AI will spend its money more efficiently)
  • Increased general spending options in income allocation (AI will tend to spend its money more than save it)
  • Removed preferential public order bonuses for AI and improved their construction management system for public order control (AI no longer gets base-level public order buffs and will instead handle it much better!)
  • Reworked occupation option selection for Vampire Coast factions (VC AI will now sack, raze and establish Pirate Coves more often and occupy less often, greatly influencing their impact on the campaign and making them much more thematically aligned)
  • AI will no longer build multiple surplus buildings (For example, Alarielle won’t build too many Handmaiden buildings, Vampire Coast factions won’t build too many extra recruitment buildings, etc)
  • Reduced the AI’s likelihood of embedding multiple agents in the same force, instead spreading them across multiple armies
  • AI Unit recruitment templates upgraded across the board for Empire, Bretonnia, Skaven, Dark Elves, High Elves and Lizardmen
  • High-Level view of observed AI balancing across the board is as follows:
    • End Game variance has been improved
    • Matchups are less one-sided in many areas of the map
    • Vampire Coast impact and average strength rank greatly reduced
    • Multiple Vampire factions performance visibly reduced

Skaven Under-Empire

When conquering an enemy settlement, Skaven armies now have a new post-battle option. Alongside Loot & Occupy, Sack, and Raze, the army may now choose to Expand Under Empire. This leaves the settlement intact but establishes a new Skaven undercity beneath it. With four building slots, an undercity is a powerful addition to your infrastructure, but the more it is developed, the greater the risk that it will be discovered. If discovered, it will be demolished.

Building Changes

  • Changed Warpfire Thrower Weapons Teams secondary building unlock requirement to use Engineering level 1 rather than level 2 building
  • Moved Kroxigors from level 3 to level 4 in the Skinks building chain
  • Moved Terradons (Fireleech Bolas) from level 3 to level 4 of the Terradon’s building chain – New Building
  • Removed secondary building requirement from Terradons (Fireleech Bolas)
  • Moved Bastiladon (Revivification Crystal) to level 4 Sotek building chain
  • Moved Bastiladon (Solar Engine) to level 4 Old Ones building chain
  • Bastiladon (Revivification Crystal) & Bastiladon (Solar Engine) now have secondary building requirement of level 1 Beasts building chain
  • Added Feral Cold Ones as a recruitable unit from the Dinosaur Reserve building (animals resource chain)

Character Skill Revisions

  • Lowered Azhag’s Skullmuncha mount unlock rank from 22 to 14
  • Separated Skink Chief and Skink Priests Stegadon and Ancient Stegadon mounts to separate skills
  • Separated Kroq-Gar’s Cold One and Horned One mounts to separate skills
  • Changed RuneLord/Runesmith Oathgold skill from 1/2/3 Oathgold generated to 3/6 Oathgold generated

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Adjusted all Lizardman and Skaven unit textures for consistency
  • The strategic location icon now matches the style of the landmark building group icon (an obelisk)
  • Removed Reiksguard smith requirement
  • Fixed the Red Duke to use the Blood Dragon version of the Barded Nightmare in campaign to match with Custom Battles
  • Added cooldown display to all agent actions with a cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where low loyalty advice would trigger on a Legendary Lord
  • Fixed a number of followers that were not dropping
  • Fixed Gunnery Wight Hero not having the Bomb Throw ability
  • Updated all text references of Skaven Underworld to become Skaven Under-Empire
  • Blessed Spawnings: when you begin a new Lizardmen campaign after the Doomsayer update, There are now 4 different mission types for Blessed Spawning missions: Battle captives, Kill Entities, Raze/Sack, and Defeat X Armies. Each of these mission types has a common and a rare variant. Variants have the same conditions for completion but the common variant rewards common units and the rare unlocks uncommon/rare units. These missions should not be active at the same time. Furthermore each mission type has 3 campaign stage variants, for early, mid and late game. All these do is change the mission requirements to complete them: e.g. kill 500 in the early-game, kill 1500 in the late-game, etc. This makes for a total of 24 potential missions for Blessed Spawnings.

Warhammer 2 Map Additions and Changes

Eye of the Vortex

  • Added "Coasts of the Lustrian Gulf" (new province) with 2 regions: Kaiax (existing region) and The Night Forest (new region).
  • Added Tip of Lustria (new region) to The Capes (existing province)
  • Added The Hissing God (new region) to Culchan Plains (existing province)
  • Added Fortress of Dawn (existing region) to Fortress of Dawn (new province)
  • The Star Tower (existing region) moved from "The Vampire Coast" province to Volcanic Islands (new province)
  • Added Fuming Serpent (new region) to Volcanic Islands (new province)
  • "The Red Rivers" province in the Southlands was split into 2 provinces: "Northern Red Rivers" and "Southern Red Rivers).
  • Cuexotl has been upgraded to a major settlement and added to "Northern Red Rivers" province, along with Nahuontl (existing region) and Sun-Tree Glades (new region).
  • Sotek's Trail (new region) was added to Zlatlan (existing region) and The Golden Tower (existing region) in the "Southern Red Rivers" province.

New Minor Factions (Vortex)[]

  • Leaf-Cutterz Tribe (Greenskins) Start in full control of the "Northern Red Rivers" province (Central Southlands).
  • Clan Mange (Skaven) Start in the Northern Spine of Sotek (Lustria).
  • Clan Fester (Skaven) Start in control of Quetza and Chaqua in the Northern Great Jungle province. When Playing as Tehenhauin, Clan Fester are your starting enemy and have been moved next to him, in control of The Night Forest, The Dust Glade and The Golden Colossus.

Mortal Empires

  • Added Massif Orcal (new region) to Massif Orcal (new province)
  • Added Kappelburg and Krugenheim (new regions) to Talabecland (existing province)
  • Added Nagenhof and Mordheim (new regions) to Ostermark (existing province)
  • Added "Western Jungles" (new province) to the Southlands with 2 new regions: Tlaqua (province capital) and Cuexotl.
  • El-Kalabad has been moved further north (now adjacent to the Black Tower of Arkhan) to accomodate the new "Western Jungles" province in this area.
  • Added Wellsprings of Eternity (new region) to Jungles of Green Mist (existing province) in Lustria.
  • Added a mountain pass to the western mountain range of Spine of Sotek connecting Spine of Sotek and Huahuan Desert.

New Minor Factions (Mortal Empires)

  • Clan Mange (Skaven, Lustria) Start in the Northern Spine of Sotek and Creeping Jungle provinces (Lustria).
  • Clan Fester (Skaven) Starts in Xahutec (Northern Great Jungle), Fuming Serpent (Volcanic Islands) and Marks of the Old Ones (Headhunter's Jungle). They're the starting enemy for Teclis, Tehenhauin and Lokhir Fellheart.

Battle Changes

  • Alberic given new Trident weapon and animations
  • Removed Barded Warhorse option from Custom Battles for all Damsels, to match with mounts on offer in the campaign
  • Fixed some cases where skipping the intro cutscene in a quest battle would not centre the camera behind the player’s army

Bretonnia Rework

Bretonnian Vows

  • Removed existing Bretonnian Vow skills from all characters, in conjunction with New Bretonnian Vows system

Bretonnian Unit Recruitment Changes

  • Removed secondary building requirements of Armoury Building Chain or Carpenters Building Chain from all Bretonnian units
    • Men-at-arms (Shields)
    • Spearmen-at-arms (Shield)
    • Foot Squires
    • Pegasus Knights
    • Royal Pegasus Knights
    • Royal Hippogryph Knights
    • Grail Guardians
    • Peasant Bowmen (Fire Arrows)
    • Peasant Bowmen (Pox Arrows)

Bretonnian Technology Changes

  • New Bretonnian techs:
    • Kings of the Mountains Diplomacy – Diplomacy
    • Leaders of Men Diplomacy – Diplomacy boost with Empire, Marienburg, Southern Realms, Kislev
    • Kings of the Desert Diplomacy – Diplomacy boost with Tomb Kings
    • Lords of Athel Loren Diplomacy – Diplomacy boost with Wood Elves
    • Decree’s of Bretonnia – Chivalry Gain, Melee Attack & Charge Bonus for Lords and embedded Heroes
  • Revised (existing) Bretonnian techs:
    • Ruinous Powers Decree – Decoupled from Norscan techs / Reduced research time by 1 turn to 5
    • Secure Shores Decree – Reduced research time by 1 turn to 5
    • Sewer Cleaning Decree – Reduced research time by 1 turn to 5
    • Desert Purge Decree – Reduced research time by 3 turn to 5
    • The Unification of Bretonnia – Removed Empire & Dwarf diplomacy bonuses / Reduced research time by 2 turns to 3 / Added +10 Peasant Economy Cap bonus
    • Heraldry of Artois – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Bastonne – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Bordeleaux – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Bretonnia – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Carcassonne – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Lyonesse – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Heraldry of Parravon – Reduced research time to 4 turns
    • Slightly increased the income bonuses for economy types from technologies

Peasant Economy Changes

  • Peasant Mob upkeep reduced by -100% when not over the Peasant Economy cap

Diplomacy Changes

  • Added new confederation dilemmas that trigger after researching Heraldry technologies – allowing instant but costly confederation options
  • Removed At War conflict between Carcassonne and Yvresse
  • Added At War conflict between Carcassonne and The Dreadfleet
  • Added At War conflict between Bordeleaux and The Dreadfleet
  • Added At War conflict between Bordeleaux and Sartosa
  • Reduced the penalty of Lizardmen vs Lizardmen aversion for AIs that are internally hostile from -30 to -15.
  • Added a Lizardmen vs Lizardmen affinity of +20 to internally friendly AIs

Green Knight Changes

  • User given unlimited charges of the Green Knight when at level 5 (Chivalrous – 1600 > 2000+) of the Chivalry bar
  • Increase turns the Green Knight is available for from 15 to 25
  • Removed all standard campaign agent skills from Green Knight except for “Search Ruins” and “Embed into Army”
  • Given Green Knight immunity to agent assassination actions against him

Character Mount Changes

  • All Bretonnian Lords, Paladins & Alberic start on a barded horse by default
  • Damned Paladin for the Drowned faction now starts on a barded horse by default

Bretonnia Campaign Balance Changes

  • Improved Bretonnian Garrisons with more suitable units
  • New Greenskin settlement Massif Orcal added to help with the Incursion event
  • Moderately increased the amount of income from Bretonnian buildings
  • Reduced the cost of Bretonnian economy buildings
  • Added even greater differentiation between economy types (Farm/Industry)
  • Added effects to the Smithy building chain now that it no longer unlocks units
  • Added effects to the Carpentry building chain now that it no longer unlocks units
  • Removed Kemmler’s starting corruption in Bretonnia when he is AI-conttrolled
  • Adjusted Kemmler’s personality to be more defensive so he conquers less Bretonnians



  • Added new group vocalisations for Skaven, Skinks, and Saurus
    • Ratling Gunners will sometimes be overcome with verminous glee when firing
  • Reworked and fixed multiple areas of group system
    • Ranged units now play group idle vocalisations
    • Fixed some issues with units disengaging from melee, or moving through each other, where they would retrigger the collision group Foley
  • Added a new Active Casting system for the Screaming Bell, Ark of Sotek, and Engine of the Gods, changing the audio whilst that unit is casting a spell
    • When casting, the Screaming Bell now makes bigger bongs to please the Horned Rat
  • Added new Warp Lightning firing and projectile sweeteners and for Bonebreaker’s melee attacks (more zap-zap!),
  • Added new melee impact sounds for two-handed hammers/maces
  • Cut out the tongues from the Council Guard (keep Council Secrets safe yes-yes…)
  • Disabled some non-Slaanesh god-specific lines for Sigvald
  • Changed the attenuation of conversational dialogue
  • Fixed battle order VO suppressing unit vocalisations
  • Rebalanced some ability sounds


  • Fixed some stance selection VO for Skaven lords
  • Set diplomacy VO to always play in 2D
  • Adjusted timing on Skaven food gained UI element
  • Turned down campaign building fires
  • Reworked some idle vocalisations for Skrolk and Tretch
  • Added new idle loops for Skaven lords

Spell and Unit Balancing


  • Rebalanced all vortex, breath, wind and explosion abilities, as a bug that was making them use a reduced radius for area of effect was fixed

Summoning Changes

  • Summoned units are no longer unbreakable. Undead summons now also crumble in addition to unbinding
  • Adjusted power cost of some summon spells
  • Redesigned unbinding to apply for a set duration, with a first phase of light damage and a short second phase of lethal damage. Now summons will expire after a set and predictable duration

New Unbinding Times and Power Costs

  • Tomb Blade of Arkhan: 82 seconds
  • Realm of Souls: 92 second
  • Transformation of Kadon (Manticore): 96 seconds, 13 power cost
  • Transformation of Kadon (Varghulf): 77 seconds, 13 power cost
  • Denizens of the Deep: 71 seconds, 12 power cost
  • Drowned Dead: 88 seconds
  • Captain Roth’s Moondial: 88 seconds
  • Drowned Dead Upgraded: 121 seconds
  • Ghosts of the Past: 93 seconds
  • Savage Dominion: 101 seconds, 15 power cost
  • Maternal Instinct: 180 seconds
  • Awaken from the Grave: 86 seconds
  • Awaken from the Grave Upgraded: 117 seconds
  • Staff of Corruption: 91 seconds
  • Spirit-Essence of Chaos: 91 seconds
  • Feral Cold Ones: 80 seconds
  • Raise Dead: 134 seconds. Cooldown increased to 39 seconds. Cost to 4
  • Raise Dead Upgraded: 80 seconds. Cooldown increased to 39 seconds. Cost to 6
  • Vermintide: 67 seconds
  • Menace Below: 67 seconds
  • Pestilent Birth: 73 seconds
  • Eagle Sanctuary: 78 seconds
  • Rats Emerge: 99 seconds
  • Lord of Undeath: 139 seconds
  • Command the Unliving: 85 seconds
  • Command the Unliving Upgraded: 77 seconds


Dark Elves

  • Hydra: +10 armour
  • Chill of Sontar: +10 armour
  • Kharibdyss: +10 armour
  • Knights of the Ebon Claw: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence, -50 cost
  • Crone Hellebron (foot, dark steed, manticore): +3 melee defence
  • Cold One Knights: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence
  • Cold One Dread Knights: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence
  • Cold One Chariot: -10 charge bonus, -2 melee defence
  • Khainite Assassin: added Vanguard deployment, +2 run speed. Projectile now applies poison contact effect.
  • Bolt Fiends: -50 mp cost
  • Black Ark Corsairs: +1 bonus vs infantry

High Elves

  • Loremaster of Hoeth: -5 charge bonus, -150 cost.
  • Noble – Chariot: -10 charge bonus, -2 melee defence
  • Princess – Moon Dragon: +10 armour
  • Alith Anar: increased projectile accuracy, +25 ap projectile damage, +7 base projectile damage.
  • Swordmasters of Hoeth: +5 leadership
  • Moon Dragon: +10 armour
  • Frostheart Phoenix: -2 charge bonus, +1 melee attack, +30 ap melee damage, +10 base melee damage.
  • Sun Dragon: +10 armour
  • Ellyrian Reavers: -50 cost
  • Loremaster of Hoeth: -150 mp cost


  • Volkmar the Grim – foot, warhorse, barded warhorse: +5 melee defence
  • Volkmar the Grim – War Altar of Sigmar: +15 bonus vs infantry, -50 mp cost
  • Helblaster Volley Gun: increased accuracy.
  • Witch Hunters: Accusation is now a hex. No longer deals direct damage. Instead reduces armour by 30, melee defence by 26 and missile resistance by 22 for 35 seconds.
  • Steam Tank: +2 melee attack.


  • Fixed animation issue that was increasing Wyvern flying melee attack interval by seconds.
  • Grimgor: +400 health
  • Skarsnik: +400 health
  • Giant: +3 run speed
  • Doom Divers: +115 ap projectile damage, -105 projectile damage.
  • Venom Queen: +14 bonus vs large
  • Arachnarok Spider: +14 bonus vs large


  • Belegar: +400 health
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer: +2 melee attack, +400 health, +5 ap melee damage, +45 melee damage, +5 armour.
  • Ungrim: +400 health, +4 melee defence.
  • Grombrindal: -50 cost.
  • Runelord: +50 cost
  • Hammerers: +1 melee defence
  • Peak Gate Guard: +1 melee defence
  • Gyrocopters (Brimstone Guns): +11 ap projectile damage, +4 base projectile damage, slight accuracy increase
  • Giant Slayers: -50 cost

Vampire Coast

  • Count Noctilus – foot: -10 armour, -500 health.
  • Mournguls: -10 armour, -2 melee attack
  • Night Terrors: -10 armour, -2 melee attack
  • Mourngul Haunter: -10 armour, -2 melee attack
  • Zombie Gunnery Mobs (all): -2 health per entity, -1 melee defence
  • Zombie Gunnery Mob (Handcannons): -1 ap projectile damage, +1 base projectile damage.
  • Lamprey’s Revenge: +100 mp cost

Vampire Counts

  • Vargheists: +4 charge bonus, +10 melee damage
  • Devils of Swartzhafen: +4 charge bonus, +10 melee damage
  • Cairn Wraiths: +2 melee attack
  • The Tithe: -50 cost
  • Zombies: -50 cost
  • Varghulf: +20 ap melee damage, +10 base melee damage.

Tomb Kings

  • Hierotitan: +4 melee attack
  • Skeleton Chariots: +6 charge bonus, -50 mp cost
  • Skeleton Archer Chariots: +6 charge bonus
  • Khatep – Casket of Souls: -50 mp cost
  • Nehekhara Warriors: -50 mp cost
  • Carrion: +50 mp cost
  • Sepulchral Stalkers: +3 bonus vs large
  • Casket of Souls: +4 explosion damage, +8 ap explosion damage.
  • Bone Giant: +20 ap projectile damage, +13 base projectile damage.

Wood Elves

  • Treekin: -2 charge bonus, +5 melee attack, -3 melee defence.
  • Glade Riders (basic): -25 cost
  • Glade Riders (Hagbane Tips): +3 ap projectile damage, -3 base projectile damage, deals magical damage.
  • Glade Guard: -50 cost
  • Glade Guard (Hagbane Tips): +3 ap projectile damage, -3 base projectile damage, deals magical damage.
  • Wardens of Cythral: +50 cost
  • Waywatchers: +1 base reload time.


  • Primal Instincts: Activation threshold reduced to 20% health left. Now also buffs charge bonus by +16% and melee attack by +8.
  • Horned Ones: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence
  • Cold One Spear Riders: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence
  • Cold One Riders: -2 melee attack, -1 melee defence
  • Kroq-gar – foot: +136 health, added charge defense vs large, +8 bonus vs large.
  • Kroq-gar – Cold/Horned One: +8 bonus vs large.
  • Skink Chief on Terradon: now has a stronger drop rocks projectile. Increased mass for Terradon.
  • Skink Priest on Terradon: now has a stronger drop rocks projectile. Increased mass for Terradon.


  • Pegasus Knights: +3 charge bonus
  • Royal Pegasus Knights: +3 charge bonus
  • Men-at-arms (Polearms): -25 mp cost, +1 bonus vs large.
  • Beastslayers of Bastogne: +5 bonus vs large
  • Companions of Quenelles: -100 mp cost


  • Skaven Assassin: added Vanguard Deployment. Now uses Assassin’s Trophy instead of Queek’s unique Trophy Heads ability. -50 cost.
  • Summoned Plague Monks: corrected entity health to match Plague Monks.

Warriors of Chaos

  • Sigvald: +5 melee attack
  • Forsaken: +2 charge bonus
  • Daemonspew: +2 charge bonus
  • Marauder Horsemasters: +2 ammo
  • Marauder Horsemen (javelins): -2 ammo
  • Chaos Spawn: +2 melee attack
  • Wyrdspawn: +2 melee attack
  • Swords of Chaos: -100 mp cost
  • Giant: +3 run speed


  • Marauder Horsemasters: now uses same melee weapon as Chaos Horsemasters. +2 ammo
  • Marauder Horsemen (javelins): -2 ammo
  • Armoured Skin Wolves: -50 cost
  • Maws of Savagery: -50 cost
  • Feral Mammoth: +100 cost
  • War Mammoth (Warshrine): -100 cost
  • Giant: +3 run speed


  • Minotaurs (basic version): +2 melee attack
  • Chaos Spawn: +2 melee attack
  • Giant: +3 run speed


  • Primal Instincts: Reduced the hitpoint percentage at which rampage triggers from 50% to 20% When triggered, the affected unit also benefits from +8 melee attacks and +16% charge bonus
  • Shem’s Burning Gaze: +20 explosion damage, -5 ap explosion damage, -2 projectile damage, -7 bonus vs large per projectile
  • Shem’s Burning Gaze Upgraded: +40 explosion damage, +40 ap explosion damage, -4 base projectile damage, -11 bonus vs large per projectile
  • Hand of Gods: +20 explosion damage, -5 ap explosion damage, -2 projectile damage, -7 bonus vs large per projectile
  • Vindictive Glare: -95 explosion damage, +25 ap explosion damage, -15 ap projectile damage, 30 base missile damage, -22 bonus vs large per projectile. Power cost to 4
  • Vindictive Glare Upgraded: -95 explosion damage, +25 ap explosion damage, -15 ap projectile damage, 30 base missile damage, -22 bonus vs large per projectile. Power cost to 8
  • Gaze of Mork: -95 explosion damage, +25 ap explosion damage, -15 ap projectile damage, 30 base missile damage, -22 bonus vs large per projectile.
  • Gaze of Mork Upgraded: -95 explosion damage, +25 ap explosion damage, -15 ap projectile damage, 30 base missile damage, -22 bonus vs large per projectile. Increased velocity to help projectiles reach at max range
  • Gaze of Nagash: +30 explosion damage, -15 ap explosion damage, -2 ap projectile damage, +6 bonus vs large, -3 base projectile damage per projectile
  • Gaze of Nagash Upgraded: +30 explosion damage, -15 ap explosion damage, -2 ap projectile damage, +6 bonus vs large, -3 base projectile damage per projectile. Power cost to 15
  • Comet of Casandora: +648 ap projectile damage (the actual comet, not the explosion)
  • Comet of Casandora Upgraded: +648 ap projectile damage (the actual comet, not the explosion)
  • High King: Removed requirement for targeted units to be above 50% morale
  • Beloved Son of Bretonnia: Removed requirement for targeted units to be above 50% morale.
  • Warp Shard Armour: added -5 melee defence debuff
  • Dwarf Gouger: Added +26 melee attack. Reduced duration to 36 seconds
  • Slaughterer’s Call: now buffs melee attack by +9
  • Revence Incarnate. Removed max num uses, removed leadership increase. Duration changed to 33 seconds
  • Van Horstmann’s Speculum: changed radius from 40 to 30 meters
  • Star of Avelorn: -10% less health healed per second
  • Dreaded Thirteenth Spell: Improved targeting UI. Changed detonation speed. Added +12 ap explosion damage
  • Drop Rocks ability for Characters: Explosion damage 36 -> 54 , AP explosion damage 18 -> 36

General Bugfixes

  • Alith Anar’s The Shadow Crown mission now triggers correctly
  • Fixed several instances where braziers would appear sunken into the ground on battle maps.
  • Punitive trait now correctly decreases enemy missile resistance
  • Crone Hellebron now enters the battle with the correct fatigue level based on her Death Night meter
  • Flagellants now receive the correct buffs from lord skills
  • Swords of Chaos now receive the correct buffs from lord skills
  • Tomb King veteran infantry now correctly applies its bonuses to Tomb Kings infantry Regiments of Renown
  • Settra’s unique skills now correctly apply their bonuses to Khepra Guard
  • “Morai Heg the Crone” technology now correctly gives physical resistance rather than ward save
  • Lokhir Fellheart now benefits from the techs “Master of Murder” and “Hardship & Cruelty”
  • Vampire Coast Captains will now modify public order without the need to have a point placed in spread public order
  • “Scavengers of the New World” technology now applies to Vampire Coast settlements
  • Wight King now has access to Barded Steed mount
  • “Hates Tomb Kings” trait now gives fear attribute when fighting against Tomb Kings
  • Targeted spells and abilities are no longer cancelled when units rout off the battlefield
  • Projectiles with a fuse should now detonate correctly on Hel Fenn battle map
  • “Ambush Failed” text will no longer be displayed when you choose to fight during a sea encounter
  • Chaos transport ship’s boat row animation should now play correctly
  • Crone Hellebron’s “Amulet of Dark Fire” quest now triggers at rank 2
  • Lokhir Fellheart’s “Red Blades” quest now triggers at rank 2
  • Recruit Rank now displays correctly when utilising lots of +Recruitment Rank effects
  • Night Goblin Fanatics’ sphere chain is now properly connected to the Night Goblin Fanatic’s hands
  • The Skaven Corruption button now highlights when triggered with the shortcut key
  • The Treasure Maps and Pieces of Eight panels now close when using the shortcut key
  • Fixed an instance where diplomacy and advisor voice over could trigger at the same time.
  • Crypt Horrors are now gripping their weapons correctly during move orders
  • The dainty paws of the crewmember on the back of the Doomwheel now line up correctly with the handle they are pumping
  • Pirate coves are no longer visible by the other player in multiplayer head to head campaigns.
  • Warlock Engineers now start with Warp Lightning spell
  • Reflections on Mirror Guard’s and Sigvald’s shields will now display correctly
  • Lokhir Fellheart’s ship should now animate correctly
  • Lords and Heroes should now appear as the correct faction colour in event messages
  • Fixed a rare issue where the infamy list would only display one entry
  • The Oathgold skill now generates more gold per turn for Runesmiths and Runelords
  • Armies with multiple heroes embedded will no longer lag during movement
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the UI to be blank during the pre-battle screen
  • Har Ganeth Executioners can now be recruited from Black Arks
  • Hero emblem is no longer low resolution when playing in 4k
  • Intervention cost text no longer overlaps panel in 4k.
  • Fixed some issues with numbers appearing in a small font in 4k
  • Diplomacy options will now display correctly onscreen in lower resolutions
  • Fixed some instances where the event images for puzzles would not disaply their colours correctly
  • Fixed instances where units were showing incorrect weapons as part of the model, particularly with dual wielders
  • Helman Ghorst’s and Vlad Von Carstein’s lord effects should now apply when confederated
  • The Red Duke’s Barded Nightmare look is now consistent in campaign and battle
  • Event messages will no longer close when the cursor is moved between the picture and text
  • Wight Kings now have Barded Skeletal Steed in their campaign skill tree
  • Ungrim Ironfist now has a victory condition to defeat Chaos.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when pressing escape too frequently during the Tomb Kings intro movie
  • Port Elistor will no longer appear partially submerged when the Royal Garrison building is constructed
  • The Geomatic Web information will no longer appear over buttons surrounding the end-turn button lower resolutions
  • The arrow showing the direction of the Star-Metal harpoon quest location will no longer turn into a square when the building browser is open
  • The button for the quest location inside the Star-Metal Harpoon mission panel will no longer overrun when playing in 4k resolution
  • Demolishing the Royal Menagerie will now correctly remove the building rather than lower the level.
  • Temple Training Grounds technology no longer has a duplicate entry for Sisters of Slaughter in the tooltip
  • The trait “Hates Vampire Coast” now has effects
  • Black Pyramid of Nagash now has building available for construction when occupied by Wood Elves
  • Vampire Coast Mutineers will now have more variety in their armies when spawned
  • Durthu’s “Eldest of Ancients” lord trait now applies to Forest Dragons and Branchwraiths.
  • Vampire Counts can no longer engage in diplomacy with Warriors of Chaos
  • Khemri is no longer listed twice in Count Noctilus’s victory conditions

Mods and Save Games

For those who have different mod lists across different campaign saves, or struggle to remember which mods were used for which save, we’ve added a feature that warns you when you attempt to load a game without activating mods it may require. We hope this will avoid unnecessary technical issues and crashes when you attempt to load a save that requires a specific mod.

<img class="alignnone wp-image-6313" src="" alt="" width=780 height=439 srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w, 360w, 640w, 1080w, 1366w" sizes="(max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px"/>

The Load button will be deactivated when a save is missing required mods. However, if you wish to override the warning like the crazy chaos worshipper you are, you can double click the save you wish to load.


When the DLC launches, the Assembly Kit will not be able to process Startpos files. However, this is something that will be fixed with a small launcher update that we are aiming to publish next week.

The DLC team have added a few new Lua commands for modding scripters on request.

  • To allow modders to apply diplomatic modifiers similar to the High Elf intrigue mechanic:

trigger_intrigue(issuing faction key, first target faction key, second target faction key, should_improve, exempt_from_cost)
apply_dilemma_diplomatic_penalty(first_faction_key, second_faction_key, attitude_bonus [-6 to +6])

  • To allow modders to trigger missions/incidents/dilemmas with specific targets:

trigger_dilemma_with_targets(owning_faction_cqi, dilemma_key, faction_cqi, secondary_faction_cqi, character_cqi, military_force_cqi, region_cqi, settlement_cqi)
trigger_incident_with_targets(owning_faction_cqi, incident_key, faction_cqi, secondary_faction_cqi, character_cqi, military_force_cqi, region_cqi, settlement_cqi)
trigger_mission_with_targets(owning_faction_cqi, mission_key, faction_cqi, secondary_faction_cqi, character_cqi, military_force_cqi, region_cqi, settlement_cqi)

  • With the Undercity, we’re also sure that modders will be keen to play around with these commands:

add_foreign_slot_set_to_region_for_faction(faction_cqi, region_cqi, slot_set_key)
remove_faction_foreign_slots_from_region (faction_cqi, region_cqi)
foreign_slot_instantly_upgrade_building(foreign_slot_cqi, upgrade_building_key)

We will post more documentation on the DLC and accompanying patch for modding on <a href="">our forums</a> and on <a href="">the CnC modding Discord</a>.