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Dreadspears is a Dark Elves melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer II. The bulk of Dark Elf armies, with spears as unwavering as their pride.


Dark Elf armies are formed around a core of utterly merciless soldiers, schooled in slaughter by a lifetime of survival amidst the twisted streets of Naggaroth's cities. Most such warriors are conscripted into service, but a few muster willingly, having identified some manner in which the battle will play to their personal advantage. Dreadspears consider themselves to be true soldiers, and look down upon the Bleakswords as brash adventurers unsuited to the proper business of battle. Through blood spilt and shed, they have learnt the strength of discipline, of the locked shieldwall bristling with wicked spearpoints. Dreadspear regiments are therefore the reliable bastions around which a Dreadlord can form his battleplan. Whilst the army's wilder warriors roam freely to slaughter at will, the Dreadspears hold key positions and repel counter-attacks.


  • Anti-Large: Anti-large units have an advantage against targets that are at least as large as a horse. This advantage can be a damage bonus against large targets or an attack that focuses on a very small area. However, some units are simply better against large targets because their attacks are slow and easy to dodge by skilled melee combatants.
  • Charge Defence Against Large Foes: When standing and bracing against a charge of large enemies (such as cavalry or monsters) this unit will negate the enemy's charge bonus.
  • Shielded: Shields have a chance of blocking arrows, bolts, rifle shots and similar small arms fire - but only in a forward facing arc.


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One of the Dark Elves´ main frontline unit in the early campaign game. The Dreadspears´ defensive capabilities are solid, with large shields, charge defence vs large, good morale and melee defence. Their offense is less impressive, but they can still be a superior choice compared to Bleakswords. While their sword-wielding comrades will deal a bit more damage to enemy infantry, in the early game your melee infantry won´t decide whether you win or lose a battle. Protecting your Darkshards so they can safely empty their quivers into the enemy is what will likely decide the outcome of most engagements and Dreadspears will hold even against linebreaker units like chariots or monsters that would flatten Bleakswords on the charge.

They remain useful even in the late game when facing factions with strong missile units (like High Elves or Vampire Coast), soaking up fire that would otherwise hit your expensive elite infantry. However, if cost and missile resistance are not a concern, they can be phased out for Black Guards who lack a shield, but are much more capable of killing enemies on their own.